Sunday, August 24, 2014

Preseason Rankings

Today was Fantasy Football Draft Day...greatest day of the year in my opinion.  Anyway, using one guys projections, I'm going to rank our teams according to what he said.  But first, I will post a link so you can explore what he thinks specifically of your team, or so you can click links to see what other analysts think.




Now for the rankings:  These are the odds to make the players. These percents will be based on the "Great" inseason management, not the "good" or "average".

Rob: 99% -- Crap, I don't like this.
Skyler: 90% -- I don't believe this, I'm not comfortable with my team
Geoff: 85% -- They have Gio as #6 RB, so this makes sense if you buy that.
Matt: 85% -- They love his QB duo
Jordan: 85% -- I thought this should be higher.  They knocked him for no backup QB, and he is a little weak at running back, but I thought he should be higher.
Ren: 75% -- Another I thought was too low.  They are trying to say he is weak at QB and that Peyton needs a backup.  Whatever.
Koko: 75% -- Like his RB's, not his WR's.
Trevor: 75% -- Apparently having only the #5 QB is too thin, and having the #7 WR is below average?
Brady:  65% -- They strongly dislike Rivers (#15 QB) and Ellington (#13 RB).
Chad: 65% -- And I quote "Let us say this as nicely as we can. This team is iffy at best. It is below average and/or too thin at all three core positions".
Kyle: 65% -- Don't like his WR, and they seem to kinda like his backs.
Tyler: 55% -- Oh how the mighty have fallen.  I will quote their opening analysis "Let us say this as nicely as we can. This team is brutal."

So this is all assuming we have great inseason management, which isn't always the case.  It depends how you finish one week and if you pick up the right guy.  Also you can click other analysts and see what changes.  Anyway, that was a fun draft.  Best of luck to me next year.