Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 14: First Round of the Playoffs

So the first round of the playoffs is over (halfway over in my two ESPN/high school leagues).  So the first half of my auction (ESPN/High School friend) league, I beat Tyler by 75, but he has next week to match and/or beat me.  If he doesn't beat me by 75, I will advance to the championship.  In my other ESPN/High School friend league, I lost to Jon.  If I don't beat him by 53 next week he advances to the championship.

In my ESPN/work league I managed to sneak out a 10 point come-from-behind victory thanks to Julio Jones.  I was the 7-seed and I beat the 2-seed.  It felt great.  With that win, I make the semi-finals in every league. It's rather exciting.  Having a shot at the championship in every league is about all you can hope for.  In all reality, fantasy football is all about luck, and now I need just two more weeks of luck to get the championship trophy.  Right now I'll take one lucky week, and then maybe ask for another after I get the first wish.

And do you know why I need that luck? Because I'm playing my playoff arch-rival Chad.  In the regular season, Brady is enemy number one.  However, come playoff time, Chad is enemigo numero uno.  He has knocked me out of the playoffs 2 years in a row, and I am sick of it.  I'm really hoping that the third time is the charm.  So I got my predictions right last week.  Jordan beat Tyler, and Chad beat Trevor.  They tried to make a game of it.  Chad had something like a 45 point lead, and then ended up only winning by 1 point exactly.

So next week is me against Chad, and Ren against Jordan.  The matchups are interesting for Chad and me.  Roethlisberger should have a field day against Atlanta.  Meaning he won't.  Or if he does it will all be to Brown.  The only place I feel like I have an advantage over Chad is my Tight End and my flex (Gronk and Evans).  The matchups make everything else even.  Murray was terrible against Philadelphia 2 games ago, which puts him about equal with Lynch and his terrible game against the 49ers.  I won't get into any more depth, but I'm not comfortable picking myself in this matchup.  I might pick Ren to win, but it's also close.  The QB's are about equal, Ren has better RB's, and has the better TE.  Jordan has the edge at WR, but Ren's are getting better.  Still, advantage Jordan.  Another big advantage for Jordan is he has Ren's QB's top WR.  If that made sense, good for you.  You are a rather smart person.

Anyway, that's it for this week.  I need to go to bed or something.  Not that there is much going on this week.  I've done basically everything I need to before finals.  It feels good -- until the finals start that is.  Ugh.  Well finals got me out of the fantasy football mood.  Peace out.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 13: End of the Regular Season

As Tyler asked me about several times during the year, the quest is finally over.  I lose in the last week and my 12-0 record goes to 12-1.  As long as I go undefeated in the playoffs that's all that matters.  There was no Konner beating out Hukill for the last spot, so everything fell as it looked like it would 2 weeks ago.  Here is the recap just in case.  I got the 1 seed, Ren got 2, Jordan has 3, Trevor has 4, Chad has 5, and Tyler has 6.  Trevor plays Chad and Jordan plays Tyler.  The winner of Chad/Trevor plays me, and the winner of Tyler/Jordan plays Ren.

On an interesting note, before this year, Chad's 2012 team was the worst team to ever make the playoffs (based on points scored).  He was the 2nd worst that year as far as total points, though he did make it to the semifinals.  Tyler has bested him this year.  Tyler was last place in points scored, yet he managed to get into the playoffs.  He enjoyed pointing out that he was supposed to finish last according to this post from earlier in the year and yet made the playoffs, and did so in a way that would make Dan Patrick and Ron Burgundy proud.

Anyway, all that matters is the playoffs now.  I just checked and the consolation thing passed, so the consolation bracket winner gets to pick his draft spot, and then number 2 picks and so on down the line.  Every consolation game matters, so that means instead of just basing it off your schedule after you are eliminated from the consolation bracket, I will base the final standings for the consolation bracket teams on the 9th place game and the 11th place game.  I do like Ren's idea about setting a deadline, but we can work that out a little later.

For those in the playoffs, I will do it the same as I always have.  If for example Chad and Jordan lose in the first round, I will base their picks on regular season, not the consolation bracket or seeding.  So even though Jordan got the 3 seed, he had a worse record, and he would get the lower pick.  If two teams end with the same regular season record, the lower point total will be awarded with the lower pick.  The 6th place team will get the highest (meaning highest to the top of the draft) pick left.  So if for some strange reason the consolation bracket people take picks 7-12, and Jordan and Chad both lose in the first round of the playoffs, Jordan would get the first pick next year and Chad would get number 2.  I feel like this makes enough sense, but if not, text/call me and I can explain it over the phone.

Anyway, time for my guesses next week.  I am picking Chad and Jordan to win.  No in depth analysis here -- just what my gut says.  Chad has eliminated me from the playoffs 2 years in a row, and my guy tells me he will get a shot at number 3.  Also on that note, I have eliminated Jordan 3 years in a row, so maybe I will get the chance to beat Chad and vanquish those demons, and then Jordan will get the chance to beat me.  Who knows.

Here are some interesting playoff story lines:
I will have made 5 straight semi-finals appearances and Ren will have made 3 this year, and Chad is going for 3 if he beats Trevor..  Ren has never been in the championship game, and I haven't since 2011.
Chad is looking to be the first person to make 3 straight finals appearances, while him and Tyler hope to be the first to make 3 finals period (Modern Era/Post Mission).
Tyler is looking to be the first back-to-back champion.
Tyler, Jordan, and me are hoping to be the first two time champions.
Every game, or possible game is a rematch unless Jordan and I make the finals -- we didn't play each other this year.

Ok, well that's it.  I'm going to bed now and I'm going to enjoy the week off in this league to focus on the league where I barely made the playoffs.  Good regular season gentlemen.