Saturday, February 26, 2011

Basketball again

I love BYU basketball. Oh yes, I truly do. And watching the game today was epic. Glenwood put on a party for it, and it was a good time...good atmosphere. Thank you Glenwood for the party and 3 t-shirts I have from you on the year.

That might have been the most complete game BYU has played. I'm still not a fan of Davies game outside of 5 feet or 5 seconds, but his defense was quite good. I might be crazy for saying this, but out of all the players, Jimmer played the worst... Now before I get attacked for heresy, let me explain. Everyone stepped up and had one of their best games all season. Jimmer only scored 25 points...for anyone else that's awesome, but it's an only for Jimmer....and he had some turnovers; but at the same time, Jimmer also had 9 dimes, which is about double his average, so it all balanced out. I just wish the refs weren't so anti Jimmer. When the big dance comes around, most of those no calls will be calls.
Now for intramurals... I had another great week of 0 points. Yes, I am that awesome. I know I'm so good that I take myself out when I want, like when there are 3 minutes left and it's a close game. The game was pretty good for a while, unfortunately, there wasn't help from the refs for the while. The other team had a dodgeball game to play at the same time, so at one point it was 5 on 4. So many fouls were called on us during that time from the refs feeling bad or something. I'm pretty sure we outscored them when they had all 5 more than we outscored them with only 4... Now back to my the end of the game I took myself out so I could coach - yes, that's it, to coach. I did keep track of the fouls... (it was at its worst, about 8 or 9 fouls on us to 3 on them) there time outs, our time outs, possession, etc.

We were only up by 2-5 during most of the game, and in the last couple of minutes it was close, and therefore scrappy. The other team was playing well and trying to catch up. After a basket to pull them within 1 or 2 they called a timeout. We tried to as well, but they got it first. They ran out of time outs so I told the team to watch for fouls to stop the clock. Well eventually push came to shove, and there was a loose ball. They jumped on it...and called time out. So I let the ref know they were out and it was a was confirmed and the other team flipped...brady iced the two free throws, the other team kept on complaining and we won. It was rather humorous to see them act like that. I then over heard them in the hall saying how we probably weren't that good...very sneakily I started talking to them and let them know we had only lost 1 game by 1 point. They were shocked. I should have told them we were ranked in the top 70 when they were maybe between 120-160, but whatever.

Point of all this? I love basketball right now, even if I can't score to save my life. Look for BYU to be top 5 this week. 2 teams in front of them (SDSU and Texas) have already lost this week, and Duke plays tonight as does Pitt. Both are away games and Pitt plays a ranked team. If everything goes right, BYU could be top 4, but look for them to be in the top 5 on Monday.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This weekend in sports.

One of my life long dreams is to be a sports analyst/writer. If you've ever watched PTI, or Around the Horn, that is my dream job...I would even like the job that Ray Romano's character has in Everybody Loves Raymond. So I am going to try my hand in sports writing in this post.

Did you see any highlights from NBA all-star weekend? Blake was the man. I think his name may have won him the Dunk Contest, but that's ok, I'm fine with it. His best dunk came during the rookie/sophomore game. It was a great throwdown, but an even better pass from Wall. I don't know how many people could make that 20+ feet bounce pass.
Also, I didn't really watch so much of the celebrity all-star game...but I liked it for two things. First and foremost, Zachary Levi (aka Chuck) played, which is always exciting because of my love for Chuck. It made me happy. But the biggest news was the play of the Bieber...apparently he's never even played city league before, so extra kudos to the Bieb.
This just in: 'Melo goes to NY. I'm not sure I approve of this trade. NY gave up at least 3 (maybe 4) starters to make this trade, but they did get 2 of Denver's starters. I do like Billups as the #3 option instead of the #2 option, so that will help him out. I am interested to see how those two plus Amare will work together in that offense. They are currently at the 6 seed in the east, two games above .500 and if the playoffs started today, they'd have to play against Chicago. I'm not sure they match up well enough to beat Chicago. They can probably catch Atlanta and Orlando, but I don't think they're better than Orlando. Oh well, only time will tell for this season. I think 'Melo should have just gone as a free agent, but maybe this will work out. You never know who else they could recruit or develop next season.
Just for fun, I wonder what teams will get the big free agents next year? After the '11-'12 season, D Will, Dwight Howard, and Chris Paul will be the big free agents. The Nets have shown that they are willing to try and get people, but I think the Clippers need to get involved. While I hope D Will stays in Utah, I wonder what he (or Paul) would be like paired with Blake or Dwight. I suppose he could go to NY with Billups being 34, but you never know. Basketball could get really interesting the next few years... Speaking of next year, I now hope Jimmer goes to Miami; that would be sick!

Speaking of Jimmer, this basketball season is getting interesting. The top 4 teams lost, yet BYU didn't move once. I can't say I expected them to move up, but still. I can hope right? This week will be huge for BYU. CSU will be a good game, and then SDSU this weekend. If BYU can win both, and convincingly, I think they'll go top 5 and either Texas or Pitt slide out. Pitt has the best chance of the top 5 of dropping out, so we'll see. I hope Jimmer can go off before March Madness. If guards win games in the Big Dance, BYU is sitting pretty. There aren't many dominant big men this year, so hopefully BYU can survive that. Rogers has played well, Hartsock is pretty consistent, and Davies...I'm not sure how I feel about his game. If he is within 10 feet from the rim and doesn't hold the ball for longer than 7 seconds, I'm quite the fan. Outside of that...not so much.

Please come back. I need my fix of hard hits and Fantasy Football. Owners: Don't lock them out.

Please go away, I don't want to have to deal with you until October...and that's only if Boston is in the playoffs. Yankees...please die.

Well, that's all I've's more opinion than analysis, but I liked it. If anyone wants to argue a point, feel free. I'm always up for a good sports argument...unless it's about baseball, I just don't care right now. Sorry.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Late Night/Early Morning Denny's

So when I got home tonight, I said to Tyler "Denny's". He was in and we decided to go. The one close to our house was way too full (plenty of Provo people eat out after 12 am Monday morning) so we went to the one on state street. It was good, but the epic part was driving back. There was no one on the road and so I drove with my knees...dumb, yes. awesome? more yes. here's the map. Just over 3.5 miles.

So I'm now retiring from my epic 2 AM driving, but it was awesome, as was I love Denny's

Sunday, February 20, 2011

13 hours

I have only been up a total of 13 hours...Life is great. I love sleeping. Speaking of which, I should try to sleep now, but I had a nap earlier today during a movie (did I mention I love sleeping?) but I'm also feeling sick...Darn upset stomach. So now I've got to figure out what to do, sleep or wait for my stomach to settle...? I got angry birds. Well now I've got to go. Happy weekend everybody...all 4 of you that read this anyways.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wake up calls

I hate being woken up in the morning. It is the worst thing. Ever. What's worse is when I get woken up on the weekends. Now a shout out to my cousin's fiance Jessica...the guilty culprit. I usually give her angry words every weekend because she calls and I am woken up in the process (side note:her and Brady are in St. George for the weekend) because his phone is on loud or he talks loud. Now, I'm not blogging to rag on her, but rather to thank her.

This morning Brady got a phone call and I thought it was early, and I asked him why she was calling at 7...He said ya, 7, whatever you say. Turns out it was 9:45 and I had class at 10...the class where I had stayed up till 2 the night before writing a paper. So thanks to the wake up call, I was able to get up and turn in my American Heritage paper. Brady, thanks for the ride...Jessica, thank you for waking me least for now. I'm sure I'll be mad next weekend again, but we can work that out later.

Friday, February 18, 2011

3 (almost 4) day weekend

It's almost here...I only have on class at 10, and very little homework, and then I'm free. Hopefully I can be done with everything by about noon...that would be epic. I don't know what I'm going to do with all the free time... any suggestions out there? I'm thinking a nap is in place for sure. Maybe a movie. Maybe not, I just don't know.
I really don't have much to say, but I like saying it, so here come some statements... some important, some not so much.
  1. Have you ever noticed how light it is when there is a cloud cover at midnight? All the lights on reflect off the clouds. It's actually pretty cool.
  2. The fantasy football page just updated the history section, so now you can go in and see how the season went if you so desire. Most of you wont, but just in case you do... you can click your way on over to see it. Kudos to Geoff. That season was legen... wait for it...dary. as a side note, I love Barney Stinson... and posting hyperlinks...except when I can't post pictures of Barney Stinson... Go do a google image search if you want to know.
  3. Coach Miller - Made some not so good choices, but I'm still cheering for you coach.
  4. I've had to relive MJ pushing of Bryon Russel twice in the past 2 days. FML
  5. That is all
  6. Goodnight

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Free T-Shirts

I love free stuff. There is just nothing better. When you're a poor college student, you take what you can get. This week it was 3 t-shirts for free...and maybe a chance for more tomorrow. In my Tuesday class, the I Sys club (i think it was them) came and gave a presentation and then asked questions. I answered the first one, got a t shirt and went back to not caring. Great way to get a t shirt. It's not the best looking shirt, but it was free.

Today, Glenwood had their 20th annual "Polar Bear Plunge". They opened up the pool and let you swim one lap to get a sick blue t shirt. So we (Adam, Seth, Brady, and me) went and did that, followed by the fire and ice challenge. We had already completed the ice (swimming) part, but after that included eating a cup of chili. It wasn't overly spicy, but it was very hot. A little hard to put down -- the roof of my mouth is burnt -- but we did it for another t shirt. It wasn't as cool as the first, but still awesome nonetheless.

That was about it for the day...I took a nap during accounting homework, listened to Jocelyn and her mom plan the wedding...and I don't really remember what else; naps make me forget things. So that's it for today, although I do need to give a random shout out to a certain know who you are... (not Jocelyn) no using my blog posts against me or anyone else. This is a safe space, free of judgement. No need to get mad for nectar runs or awesome polar bear t shirts. That is all. Peace out world wide web.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

French Fries

Today was relatively stress free. No homework for tomorrow, no crazy classes, work was put off for another day... it was good... minus all the reading I did for American Heritage and still only scraped a 79, but I wont let it get me down. Besides, no one does well in that class, right? So I caught up on some tv shows while Jocelyn talked to her mom about the wedding and reception and honeymoon and lots of other stuff. It was great...they talked and I watched how I met your mother and the community. I am so helpful sometimes.
So why french fries? Because they are simple, yet thoughtful and awesome. One thing about my relationship with Jocelyn that makes me so happy is the little things we do for each other. We will sometimes "fight" to see who gets to do what. Like some days we have a wrestling match to get to the tv to see who can change the channel. Or today when we had a race to the garbage to throw it away or to get the mail (I won both times). I must say, I love having someone who is willing to do that kind of stuff for me, and that I love doing that kind of stuff for her....anyways, back to french fries.
So I'm a fan of doing small things for Jocelyn. Today she had to grade about 9 papers for her writing fellows job and she was dialed in... no distractions or anything. I left around 10 45, which is early for me to leave, and i went home. However, me being the sneaky person I am, I wanted to do something for her to be nice while she was working: enter french fries. We love the wendys fries and so I decided before I left I would get her some.

After a quick nectar (Dr. Pepper) run with brady, I got the fries and went to Jocelyn's apartment and dropped them off. I decided to have some fun with it. Her roommate Amy opened the door and I told her to shhh... (not let Jocelyn know it was me) and I told her to give the fries to Jocelyn. Corny and lame? maybe. Worth it? yes. i ran off, brady drove away, and about 2 minutes later I got a text from Jocelyn.
So maybe it was lame, but I enjoyed it because I was able to do something small for my fiance...I love calling her that... and i really like doing small things for her. I figure if i get good enough at it, we should have a perfectly fine relationship. So today, I would like to thank Wendy's fries for making that possible.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weddings and Countdowns

Today, Justin and Kinsey were married. It was a very nice event and I'm happy for the both of them. I was able to go to the sealing, luncheon and reception (perks of being family) and it was all very enjoyable. The food was good, as was their video. The sealing didn't take long and I enjoyed the comments from the sealer. The reception had an ice cream bar...yes, it was awesome. I had seconds...I had thirds on the cheesecake at the luncheon. Anyways, moving on away from the food...

They gave me some advice for my wedding coming up soon* but I figure I'll ask them again in a couple of weeks when their minds aren't so frazzled. One thing that Justin said that I know I will need help with is the smiling. I'm not a smiler, so pictures and lines will be tough on me. Oh well. One last final shout out to the new happy couple: Justin looked fly in the white tux and Kinsey looked beautiful. Despite their long day you could see the happiness in their faces. Good luck guys.

So, now to the me part of this blog. My wedding day wont get here fast enough. Jocelyn and I talked about it today, because that's just what you do at other peoples' weddings...and it needs to hurry up. Sometimes time just goes too slow. I suppose we'll need the time to get ready and everything, so that's a benefit, but I still really want to be married. I guess I'll just need to learn patience until then.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 Weeks...

Where to begin? Oh man, life has been hectic these past two weeks. Get engaged and BYU dumps more work on you than you know what do do with. It's worth it though. Too bad I've missed the past 2 weeks of blogging. I don't know whether to blog about Jimmer, the Superbowl, losing 2 free cafe rio meals when I had a straight, Jimmer, trying to plan a wedding, being in St. George twice, Jimmer, or this "bachelor party" we did for my cousin.
St. George
yes, it's awesome

I went all in with 3 people left on the straight draw... I got it...but Chad had me called and had a flush draw and got it on the final card...grr... but we finished top two in both cafe rio events, so it's fair

Good game, good party, good crowd, good fun. Didn't get back to provo till after 12, but it was worth it

If you haven't seen all the Jimmerness on facebook, you're beyond hope, but he's awesome, i hopefully can catch the game tomorrow.

Bachelor party
It wasn't much, as awesome cousins, we bought justin a glacier from frostop... the after party is when he left for home and me colby and brady watched the social network. you should all be jealous.... on the topic, early congrats to justin and kinsey and their wedding tomorrow

It hasn't been that bad, I like what I'm learning in I sys 201 and Acc 200, but it's challenging. I don't mind it too much...yet

Well, there is the summary of my last two weeks. hopefully i'll blog again and more consistently

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January 31st

Greatest day of my life to this point? YES. I'm tired, so I'll jump to the points I'm making, which are three.

1. January 31st 2010, I asked a girl I had known for about two weeks to be my girlfriend, hoping to have some fun and get back into dating 2 months after my mission...nothing serious. She was fun and I wanted to get to know her better. That was a great decision.

2. January 31st 2011 at 11:10 of the kids I baptized found me on facebook. I hadn't heard from him in a year and he told me that he was still active, 1st counselor in the young mens presidency, that some other kids were still active and that he was going to start his mission papers soon. Simply an amazing feeling 14 months after my mission ended and about 17 months since he was baptized, and there are still blessings to be seen. I loved my mission and just today made those 2 years worth it. Fortunately, I've been blessed with more days than just today.

3. January 31st 2011 9:45 pm. I asked the same amazing girl that I asked to be my girlfriend a year ago to be my the same place I asked her to be my girlfriend. Best decision I have ever made. We are both so excited that it's ridiculous. I can't wait. It's great to see the 2 biggest decisions of my life (Mission and Jocelyn) come together in one day to make it the best day of my life.