Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January 31st

Greatest day of my life to this point? YES. I'm tired, so I'll jump to the points I'm making, which are three.

1. January 31st 2010, I asked a girl I had known for about two weeks to be my girlfriend, hoping to have some fun and get back into dating 2 months after my mission...nothing serious. She was fun and I wanted to get to know her better. That was a great decision.

2. January 31st 2011 at 11:10 am...one of the kids I baptized found me on facebook. I hadn't heard from him in a year and he told me that he was still active, 1st counselor in the young mens presidency, that some other kids were still active and that he was going to start his mission papers soon. Simply an amazing feeling 14 months after my mission ended and about 17 months since he was baptized, and there are still blessings to be seen. I loved my mission and just today made those 2 years worth it. Fortunately, I've been blessed with more days than just today.

3. January 31st 2011 9:45 pm. I asked the same amazing girl that I asked to be my girlfriend a year ago to be my wife...in the same place I asked her to be my girlfriend. Best decision I have ever made. We are both so excited that it's ridiculous. I can't wait. It's great to see the 2 biggest decisions of my life (Mission and Jocelyn) come together in one day to make it the best day of my life.


  1. Congrats! She is a sweetie! :)

  2. This makes me WAY happy Skyler. I am glad you hung out with us at George's that night ;) hehe. CONGRATS!

  3. I am so happy you found the woman who is going to love you forever, you deserve to be happy and i know the lord will bless you for this decision. Let me know when the day is.

  4. yah skyler! I am super excited! I remember you guys at our wedding! aww! anyways!
    Im excited! congrats!

  5. This is so great! Congratulations!