Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Game

Need I say more? The game was sick. I didn't know we could go off like that in the Marriott Center. I now see that home court advantage people have talked about. Speaking of the game, Jimmer is live on ESPN. I love that guy. But I missed part of due to a work phone call. If I have to sacrifice Jimmer time, getting a job is a good cause. So back to the Marriott Center. If you weren't there, I weep for you. Even Jocelyn enjoyed it, and she's not a sports not, or standing in line nut; She was a good sport, which I appreciated.
Standing in line got a little old but we had some fun. Once we got in, we found Brady and Jessica and had some great seats center court, 20th row. I was never worried about the game, but it was intense for a while. Davies played well, and Jimmer was...Jimmer. What I was impressed about was how they slowed us down and we were able to grind it out. Our posts stepped up and played well on defense. But it was all about Jimmer.
The only negative side to the game was the very end. First, the fact that it had to end was sad, but mostly it was the cops. I have 0 respect for the Provo Police, or maybe it was the campus cops, I don't know. They tried to stop people from rushing the court, which failed epically, but they still tried. One cop was very angry and pushing lots of people. I think he has ego issues or something. Maybe it's because he was bald? All I know is that he had a personal vendetta on like 4 kids while everyone else was rushing the court. Very violent, pushy, and angry man. My other "are you serious" cop moment is when one kid ran down, got his shirt grabbed by a cop, but kept running. The cop was semi-dragged by the kid and then followed him into the group. Why he decided to follow that one kid into the group and make him leave instead of trying to get others out...pure hypocrisy. Like I said, 0 respect.

I do have all the respect in the world for Jimmer though. I'm still on Jimmer high. Also, as a fun side note, I believe there were 2 Apostles, 3 members of the Presidency of the 70, and 2 other 70 (Including Pres. Samuelson)...I just thought it was cool. Especially Sister Christofferson...she really got into it. But really, who couldn't get into it? It' Jimmer man!

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