Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good - Wade County intramurals basketball team. We're 2-0 now and we're averaging 88.5 points while allowing 42.5 points per game. That's dominating. I give team MVP to Brady McArthur. He makes enough 3's to make Jimmer jealous. He's been putting on clinics on "how to rock you" and doing so in style. The Glue award goes to Peter. The Glue award goes to the player who does the dirty work, keeps things going when people are off, and is consistent. Peter hustles, plays down low, and you know what you get with him. No scary surprises or off plays. Finally, the X Factor award...Kyle Pierce. Whether he's passing the ball or driving down the lane with his lay ups...when he's on, he's unstoppable and the team gets an instant boost.

The Bad - This will be quick, it goes along with the earlier post. The Weakest Link award goes to yours truly. I'm averaging a whopping 5 points per game. My rebounds are a work of art, but other than that...I don't do much. But that's ok, because I'll get better and help carry the load. The only way I carry the load is if the other 5 guys trip, fall, break their legs, and get knocked out. Until then, I'll take my role...the role of Club Trillion Wanna-be Member... very very seriously. Shout out to Mark Titus
The Ugly - I have something I'd like to complain about...and that is people. While I'm not saying I'm perfect or selfless, there are some people who just rub me the wrong way. Today is about people who have to make things about them, when it has nothing to do with them. I can think of far too many instances where this has happened. It generally involves similar people and it's a joke at what things people will do to get attention away from others and on themselves... Let's grow up people. I must admit, I was almost guilty of it the other day, but once I thought about the situation, i said... "would _____ do/say this?" And when it was a yes, I immediately changed my mind and walked away. If I can walk away from saying something stupid, everyone can do it.

Tomorrow is you know what that means? FOOTBALL. That is all...and it is great. Packers vs. Steelers in the Superbowl is my guess.

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