Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So today we had to clean our apartment. Not fun. But I passed. Then I had to help with my girlfriends laptop because it had a virus...and when you're the cause of the virus, you feel obligated to help get rid of it. After that I watched some Transformers 2 with a nap in there. What does this have to do with basketball? ZERO. Now, I tell you about this earlier part to my day so you can see that it was a normal day. Not that I don't like normal days...I've become a big fan of every day since Jocelyn has been back. But then, this day went from normal to...well I can't say awesome because every day is awesome... so a different kind of day, all because of BYU Basketball.
Now if you don't care about BYU Basketball and/or Jimmer Fredette, you are either still mad about the 47 he dropped on you at the Huntsman Center or because he beat you away from your beloved Spectrum and you blame the refs. I love sports. I especially love BYU sports. And Jimmer Fredette. Man crush? maybe. Not the point. But I went with Brady, and it was a great time. Jimmer wasn't exactly on. I say that acknowledging that 21 is a pretty solid number. But if Jimmer hadn't been short on his shots...man, that would have been good. Luckily Jackson Emery came through on Jackson night (yes, I have the poster) with 5 threes. Clinic. And Collinsworth fake no look spin thing was nice too. Point to all of this? I love sports, and Jimmer making 30 foot 3 pointers and BYU being the 4th highlight on ESPN.
The only problems from today... the game was kind of late, Jocelyn had a lot of homework, and I'm not a fan of our student section. We aren't really organized in our cheering, we don't do our cheers very well, and we only cheer when we boo. And for the record Cougar fans, lot's of the calls against us were the correct calls...learn the sport before you go crazy.
Well, to end on a positive note, I love the Colbert Report and so I'm going to finish watching that and go to bed. Oh, and I have an experiment to try later this week, but you'll see more about that later.

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