Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Night Fight:: 13 vs. 22

As a kid, I never thought that I would type these words, but here it goes... Sunday is my favorite day of the week...I can hear the fight breaking out in my head right now.

13 year old Skyler: Are you kidding me? What is wrong with you? Are you crazy?

Present-day Skyler: No, I'm not. Sunday is a great day, especially when the following day is a holiday and you don't have college.

Those are like the worst holidays. You still have to go to school on like Friday, and then you get to stay out late Friday night and Saturday night, but then on Sunday you can't go out and Monday night you can't stay up late because Tuesday is a school day. They should give you like Friday off instead so you can have a late Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Monday holidays are like so lame.

That is true, it would be nice for the weekend to start earlier, but you're only 13. Once you get to college, you won't have class until 9:30 at the earliest, and you can stay out late every night if you can even go hang out on Sundays.

Really? I thought college was like hard and you had to work all the time. That sounds easy!

It is hard, but you get to enjoy yourself too. So don't worry too much. But you'll love Sundays in college.

What makes you say that? I still can't go to the store or do anything fun.

Oh little Skyler, you will learn. Church is much more enjoyable after you grow up and go on a mission, and after church there is plenty of football to watch, naps to take, movies that you can watch and cuddle during with your girlfriend -


-Calm down...I'll let you figure that out when you get there. She's awesome, that's all you need to know. Plus she is a good cook, and I know we both love to eat.

This is true. I guess Sundays don't sound that bad. So why was this Sunday like so good?

Well, church was enjoyable. We had ward conference, and the stake presidency as well as the bishopric did a really good job today. There were 2 naps today, as well as a great dinner and some cookie dough on the for football. Well in about a year you will learn who the Patriots are, and they'll be good for a while...but today they gave their game away to the most entertaining/annoying head coach in football. And you get to watch Men In Black...that's a show that will mean a lot to you later on in life. It's a good one with some sentimental value. Overall, it was a great day. Plus you didn't get home till about 11:20...and that's early for you.

Early? Really? Man, that sounds great! We really did have like a good day today didn't we?

Yes we did, and now it's time to fall asleep while watching a movie. Also, saying like isn't all the great. You should probably stop.

And you should probably stop with the lame pauses (...) it's not that cool either.

It's my voice man... don't hate... and before you say anything, "like" isn't your voice... all teenagers say it.

Ok, whatever you say. I'll li- umm, try to cut it out. Goodnight.


Well, that was fun. Whoever said talking to yourself was bad or would make you sound crazy clearly has never tried it before on a blog.

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