Monday, January 24, 2011

Basketball Lines

Anyone else excited for the BYU vs SDSU game? I know I am. So excited in fact I went to get in line tonight. I had a tent, some pads, sleeping bags, warm clothes, and a pillow or two; I was in it for the long hall. It turns out though that the policy is that no lines can form until 12 PM Tuesday...or after the devotional. That makes 0 sense to me. It is going to be a mess. Fail BYU. However, the camping starts Tuesday night for those who didn't get a wristband... and I'm hoping to avoid that line. I already tried tonight. I saw 3 tents and a lot of people outside. I came back 30 minutes later and we ran into a cop who told us that camping out wasn't allowed. I was a little bitter. Once you interpret the e-mail, it kinda makes sense, but still. It could have been done much better. Oh well.
So, on a positive note, today was pretty awesome. If you ask Jocelyn, I was a little grumpy...which is totally true. After church I took a 3+ hour nap and I was much nicer. I watched me some football. I love me my Aaron Rodgers, but I don't know how I feel about the Packers. Steelers dominated, at least the first half, and it was no surprise. Sanchez...c'mon man. You're holding the team back. But after football was done, there was some quality movie/homework/girlfriend time and it was grand. Why do I tell you this? Because I try not to be too negative on this blog. So far no good, but still. I can try right?

Superbowl. 2 weeks. Predictions later. Best time of the year. I guessed this game right...and after some research, I'll make my pick later. I. Am. Excited!

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    And why didn't Chicago win?