Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Anger: Day 3

So it turns out that what I heard for the procedure wasn't exactly right, but still, it was awful nonetheless. As a quick side note, nonetheless is a pretty cool word...back to my rant. I had 0 problem with the fact that people were waiting early; I would have done it too if I didn't have to go to my class - I SYS 201 can be a little tricky. I loved that people actually were organized and fair when they showed up and get in line and respected the fact that others arrived beforehand. Sure, I personally wouldn't have benefited, but it was a social contract (I just used American Heritage in my blog...shoot me) of fairness that students established. And then came the campus cops. I would like to personally thank them for had in line today. The DesNews article shows how the police people made it worse. Thank you so much for doing your job and turning the natural chaos into order....wait, scratch that, reverse it. I realize I have gone on about this for far too long, but they were seriously under prepared and unintelligent. Poor use of blockades: check. Causing chaos: check. Making rules but not applying them: check. Causing the line to go 10x slower than needed: double check. Anyone who was there knows about that. I think they let 5 people go in every minute, and there were 5 lines inside... grrr.

Time to be positive I suppose. BYU did something right by allowing more than 1000 total wristbands, and they even started to use the barricades right. I got number 1358 after being in line for about 2 hours of cold. And if I think it's cold, you know it's cold...I have our ceiling fan on and I'm considering turning it up to another level because I'm so warm. The point is, the day started off bad and slowly got better. But when you do it the worst possible way, you can only go up, right? I'm hoping they get it right tomorrow and I don't have to go to Anger: Day IV and instead talk about something positive. Judging by BYU's track record, I'm sure I won't be happy - but judging by the game's potential, I could be. Here's hoping for the latter.

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