Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Game

Need I say more? The game was sick. I didn't know we could go off like that in the Marriott Center. I now see that home court advantage people have talked about. Speaking of the game, Jimmer is live on ESPN. I love that guy. But I missed part of due to a work phone call. If I have to sacrifice Jimmer time, getting a job is a good cause. So back to the Marriott Center. If you weren't there, I weep for you. Even Jocelyn enjoyed it, and she's not a sports not, or standing in line nut; She was a good sport, which I appreciated.
Standing in line got a little old but we had some fun. Once we got in, we found Brady and Jessica and had some great seats center court, 20th row. I was never worried about the game, but it was intense for a while. Davies played well, and Jimmer was...Jimmer. What I was impressed about was how they slowed us down and we were able to grind it out. Our posts stepped up and played well on defense. But it was all about Jimmer.
The only negative side to the game was the very end. First, the fact that it had to end was sad, but mostly it was the cops. I have 0 respect for the Provo Police, or maybe it was the campus cops, I don't know. They tried to stop people from rushing the court, which failed epically, but they still tried. One cop was very angry and pushing lots of people. I think he has ego issues or something. Maybe it's because he was bald? All I know is that he had a personal vendetta on like 4 kids while everyone else was rushing the court. Very violent, pushy, and angry man. My other "are you serious" cop moment is when one kid ran down, got his shirt grabbed by a cop, but kept running. The cop was semi-dragged by the kid and then followed him into the group. Why he decided to follow that one kid into the group and make him leave instead of trying to get others out...pure hypocrisy. Like I said, 0 respect.

I do have all the respect in the world for Jimmer though. I'm still on Jimmer high. Also, as a fun side note, I believe there were 2 Apostles, 3 members of the Presidency of the 70, and 2 other 70 (Including Pres. Samuelson)...I just thought it was cool. Especially Sister Christofferson...she really got into it. But really, who couldn't get into it? It' Jimmer man!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Anger: Day 3

So it turns out that what I heard for the procedure wasn't exactly right, but still, it was awful nonetheless. As a quick side note, nonetheless is a pretty cool word...back to my rant. I had 0 problem with the fact that people were waiting early; I would have done it too if I didn't have to go to my class - I SYS 201 can be a little tricky. I loved that people actually were organized and fair when they showed up and get in line and respected the fact that others arrived beforehand. Sure, I personally wouldn't have benefited, but it was a social contract (I just used American Heritage in my blog...shoot me) of fairness that students established. And then came the campus cops. I would like to personally thank them for had in line today. The DesNews article shows how the police people made it worse. Thank you so much for doing your job and turning the natural chaos into order....wait, scratch that, reverse it. I realize I have gone on about this for far too long, but they were seriously under prepared and unintelligent. Poor use of blockades: check. Causing chaos: check. Making rules but not applying them: check. Causing the line to go 10x slower than needed: double check. Anyone who was there knows about that. I think they let 5 people go in every minute, and there were 5 lines inside... grrr.

Time to be positive I suppose. BYU did something right by allowing more than 1000 total wristbands, and they even started to use the barricades right. I got number 1358 after being in line for about 2 hours of cold. And if I think it's cold, you know it's cold...I have our ceiling fan on and I'm considering turning it up to another level because I'm so warm. The point is, the day started off bad and slowly got better. But when you do it the worst possible way, you can only go up, right? I'm hoping they get it right tomorrow and I don't have to go to Anger: Day IV and instead talk about something positive. Judging by BYU's track record, I'm sure I won't be happy - but judging by the game's potential, I could be. Here's hoping for the latter.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Still Chapped

I'm still thoroughly upset about BYU's line-up policy. It now turns out that there will be a random luck of the draw going on for the 500 lucky fans in the right barricade section. So they are putting up barricades in 4 hours and will divide the groups into 500. After the devotional they will pick one lucky group, it doesn't matter when they showed up or how much spirit they have. They will get the good seats. This is unfair. It is not based on dedication or spirit. Perhaps they will have a cheering contest, but I doubt it. Judging by what I heard from the video and by the fact that the office will be open until 5:00 pm, they must think that only 100-300 people will be in line...the line that is formed right after the devotional.

Perhaps I'm over-reacting. I would like to believe I am and that I will have great seats. However, I don't think that is the case. I believe that all the wristbands will be handed out by 1:00 pm and the rest of us unlucky souls will have to camp out. I really hope this policy changes for the future. Maybe this is an overall negative post, but I'm that upset about it. Maybe I'll be happy about it tomorrow.

Basketball Lines

Anyone else excited for the BYU vs SDSU game? I know I am. So excited in fact I went to get in line tonight. I had a tent, some pads, sleeping bags, warm clothes, and a pillow or two; I was in it for the long hall. It turns out though that the policy is that no lines can form until 12 PM Tuesday...or after the devotional. That makes 0 sense to me. It is going to be a mess. Fail BYU. However, the camping starts Tuesday night for those who didn't get a wristband... and I'm hoping to avoid that line. I already tried tonight. I saw 3 tents and a lot of people outside. I came back 30 minutes later and we ran into a cop who told us that camping out wasn't allowed. I was a little bitter. Once you interpret the e-mail, it kinda makes sense, but still. It could have been done much better. Oh well.
So, on a positive note, today was pretty awesome. If you ask Jocelyn, I was a little grumpy...which is totally true. After church I took a 3+ hour nap and I was much nicer. I watched me some football. I love me my Aaron Rodgers, but I don't know how I feel about the Packers. Steelers dominated, at least the first half, and it was no surprise. Sanchez...c'mon man. You're holding the team back. But after football was done, there was some quality movie/homework/girlfriend time and it was grand. Why do I tell you this? Because I try not to be too negative on this blog. So far no good, but still. I can try right?

Superbowl. 2 weeks. Predictions later. Best time of the year. I guessed this game right...and after some research, I'll make my pick later. I. Am. Excited!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good - Wade County intramurals basketball team. We're 2-0 now and we're averaging 88.5 points while allowing 42.5 points per game. That's dominating. I give team MVP to Brady McArthur. He makes enough 3's to make Jimmer jealous. He's been putting on clinics on "how to rock you" and doing so in style. The Glue award goes to Peter. The Glue award goes to the player who does the dirty work, keeps things going when people are off, and is consistent. Peter hustles, plays down low, and you know what you get with him. No scary surprises or off plays. Finally, the X Factor award...Kyle Pierce. Whether he's passing the ball or driving down the lane with his lay ups...when he's on, he's unstoppable and the team gets an instant boost.

The Bad - This will be quick, it goes along with the earlier post. The Weakest Link award goes to yours truly. I'm averaging a whopping 5 points per game. My rebounds are a work of art, but other than that...I don't do much. But that's ok, because I'll get better and help carry the load. The only way I carry the load is if the other 5 guys trip, fall, break their legs, and get knocked out. Until then, I'll take my role...the role of Club Trillion Wanna-be Member... very very seriously. Shout out to Mark Titus
The Ugly - I have something I'd like to complain about...and that is people. While I'm not saying I'm perfect or selfless, there are some people who just rub me the wrong way. Today is about people who have to make things about them, when it has nothing to do with them. I can think of far too many instances where this has happened. It generally involves similar people and it's a joke at what things people will do to get attention away from others and on themselves... Let's grow up people. I must admit, I was almost guilty of it the other day, but once I thought about the situation, i said... "would _____ do/say this?" And when it was a yes, I immediately changed my mind and walked away. If I can walk away from saying something stupid, everyone can do it.

Tomorrow is you know what that means? FOOTBALL. That is all...and it is great. Packers vs. Steelers in the Superbowl is my guess.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Homework on the weekend...and other random things

So today, I have exactly one class all day and it's at 10 am. I'm quite a fan of my schedule. However, I'm not a fan of Jocelyn's schedule...she gets done with class at around 1. So while I was waiting for her, I decided to do some homework. I have to read 30 minutes a day for Book of Mormon, so I got that out of the way, but then I had more time. I decided that I would be productive and keep doing homework: I decided to do accounting. I don't know what it is, but I love accounting. It wasn't even bad to do homework. I would have done more of it if Jocelyn wouldn't have finished class. I'll come out and say it, accounting makes me happy...I feel like a nerd. ugh. oh well.

So I actually did decide to do something fun besides accounting, and it included watching Secretariat with Jocelyn. Fantastic movie! It's my second time seeing it and it was just as good. I love the movie, and all that goes with it. Very inspirational. If you haven't seen it, pay the $2 and go to the theater on parkway.

Also, I watched sports today. Nothing better than sports. Tim Tebow is the man. I watched a little documentary on him, and that guy is a stud. Denver needs to win a Superbowl soon. You don't see too many people like Tebow in the world, much less in professional sports. I hope he gets it. Speaking of sports, do you know who is a joke? Dan Gilbert. Hey Dan, how is that title chase coming? Do you still plan on winning a championship before LeBron does in Miami? I'm not a fan of how LeBron went out, but the guy is sick, I cheer for him and I'm glad Gilbert looks like a fool. Cleveland has almost as many wins (8) as the 1st place San Antonio Spurs have losses (6). Keep trying Dan.

Well, by going back and reading my blog, I realize how bounced around it is, but that's ok. It's my blog and it makes me happy. Maybe with more experience I'll write better...and if i write earlier, but that's ok. I'm not worried, because it's my blog and I'll write whatever makes me happy.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blogging About Nothing

Here's the simple talk about nothing whenever I want. If I have something pointless to say, I'll say it here.

If that's all you want to know, stop reading... but if you'd like to know why... keep reading. I don't do so well with journal writing. In fact I'm awful at it. I always forget or try and sum up too much later. And I even tried to do it with microsoft word, but then my subscription expired and it was put on hold for too long, so I quit. So in part, this is my new attempt to speak what's on my mind. Plus, if i know someone is reading this, I'll be more positive on life.

Here's another reason...facebook abuse. Do you ever have that friend or two that posts something every 3 hours and you couldn't care less about it? Yes, I have some of them, and I think they need to do one of two things: get twitter or get a blog. Now, if you want to tell us all about your dog, your cat, your biweekly trip to the store, or whatever else you do a lot, put it on twitter. The point is to update your status a get one... plus I don't have to follow you on my phone, and I'll never know that you just stubbed your toe on grandmas old couch. So that's why I have a twitter, in case I have the urge to post random stuff all of the time.

Here's the other facebook abuse that led to my blog. People who post philosophical quotes every day, or 3 times a day...and people who put a whole paragraph and their heart and soul into every post. I mean good for you, but if you have that much to say... make a blog! That's what I'm doing, and it's great. I feel much better about letting out my random stuff, and no one has to read this that doesn't want's your choice. plus, no one knows about my blog... yet. Some day, that could change... but until then, I'll have my blog to post whatever I want when I feel like it. And if that's a blog about nothing, I'm totally ok with that.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Homework is one of those things that is just awful, and I mean awful. What happened to the days of one hour of homework for one hour in the class? The fact that it should now be 2 hours outside for every hour in is just nuts. It's even worse when teachers plan that as the minimum. Oh it is frustrating. It's even worse when you don't get it. I'm sure that's the case with most college students...we read and we just don't get it. Sure, during your reading after 10 pm isn't the best idea, but still, I don't always get what I read. Take for example, my I SYS 201 homework. Very interesting class, it's required to get into accounting (I don't know why, but I like my accounting homework, i'm weird) and I learn when I go to class. But when I read each chapter, it feels like I should be reading a complete other book just to get me to the chapter. It's very interesting, but it's so new. On a positive note, I like Dr. Anderson a lot... she does a very good job at teaching for understanding and going to class is what I need to get it. So way to go Dr. Anderson. You get a shout out.

Speaking of shout outs, I'd like to give a big one to NBC for getting my favorite shows back up this week...Chuck, the office, community and outsourced are all back this week, and I'm so stoked. I already watched Chuck (best show that you're probably not watching) and it was great, and I can't wait for the other shows. Also getting a shot out, How I Met Your Mother and Glory Daze...I liked HIMYM this week and I'm about to waste sleeping by watching Glory Daze season finale.

So as I wrap this up, I realize what I'm going to blog about tomorrow...but we'll get to that tomorrow....but I want to finish with homework, which was my original topic. While it takes up time and fun... it's always a fun time if you're doing homework with the right people by your side... and this semester I have been, and my homework experience has been so much better. Maybe it's because I am having a positive attitude and I'm trying to enjoy it more, but still, having your best friends around makes all the difference, and that's the message I want to convey between the negativity and the expression of my TV love.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So today we had to clean our apartment. Not fun. But I passed. Then I had to help with my girlfriends laptop because it had a virus...and when you're the cause of the virus, you feel obligated to help get rid of it. After that I watched some Transformers 2 with a nap in there. What does this have to do with basketball? ZERO. Now, I tell you about this earlier part to my day so you can see that it was a normal day. Not that I don't like normal days...I've become a big fan of every day since Jocelyn has been back. But then, this day went from normal to...well I can't say awesome because every day is awesome... so a different kind of day, all because of BYU Basketball.
Now if you don't care about BYU Basketball and/or Jimmer Fredette, you are either still mad about the 47 he dropped on you at the Huntsman Center or because he beat you away from your beloved Spectrum and you blame the refs. I love sports. I especially love BYU sports. And Jimmer Fredette. Man crush? maybe. Not the point. But I went with Brady, and it was a great time. Jimmer wasn't exactly on. I say that acknowledging that 21 is a pretty solid number. But if Jimmer hadn't been short on his, that would have been good. Luckily Jackson Emery came through on Jackson night (yes, I have the poster) with 5 threes. Clinic. And Collinsworth fake no look spin thing was nice too. Point to all of this? I love sports, and Jimmer making 30 foot 3 pointers and BYU being the 4th highlight on ESPN.
The only problems from today... the game was kind of late, Jocelyn had a lot of homework, and I'm not a fan of our student section. We aren't really organized in our cheering, we don't do our cheers very well, and we only cheer when we boo. And for the record Cougar fans, lot's of the calls against us were the correct calls...learn the sport before you go crazy.
Well, to end on a positive note, I love the Colbert Report and so I'm going to finish watching that and go to bed. Oh, and I have an experiment to try later this week, but you'll see more about that later.

Accounting and Cleaning Checks

So I thought I would hate every college class I'd ever take and never apply it in my life. But then I found accounting...and I like it. Don't ask me why. But I like it. Hopefully it all works out and I can get into the program. I would like that. So this isn't too exciting, because I'm getting sleepy, but now it's time to talk about something that makes me mad...Cleaning Checks.

I have to do the kitchen, and I'm pretty sure it's the worst job of all 6. The other jobs are fairly easy compared to this one. I'm not happy about it at all. Grr... ok, well it's late. I will write better tomorrow. But since it's late tonight, I'm just not feeling it.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Night Fight:: 13 vs. 22

As a kid, I never thought that I would type these words, but here it goes... Sunday is my favorite day of the week...I can hear the fight breaking out in my head right now.

13 year old Skyler: Are you kidding me? What is wrong with you? Are you crazy?

Present-day Skyler: No, I'm not. Sunday is a great day, especially when the following day is a holiday and you don't have college.

Those are like the worst holidays. You still have to go to school on like Friday, and then you get to stay out late Friday night and Saturday night, but then on Sunday you can't go out and Monday night you can't stay up late because Tuesday is a school day. They should give you like Friday off instead so you can have a late Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Monday holidays are like so lame.

That is true, it would be nice for the weekend to start earlier, but you're only 13. Once you get to college, you won't have class until 9:30 at the earliest, and you can stay out late every night if you can even go hang out on Sundays.

Really? I thought college was like hard and you had to work all the time. That sounds easy!

It is hard, but you get to enjoy yourself too. So don't worry too much. But you'll love Sundays in college.

What makes you say that? I still can't go to the store or do anything fun.

Oh little Skyler, you will learn. Church is much more enjoyable after you grow up and go on a mission, and after church there is plenty of football to watch, naps to take, movies that you can watch and cuddle during with your girlfriend -


-Calm down...I'll let you figure that out when you get there. She's awesome, that's all you need to know. Plus she is a good cook, and I know we both love to eat.

This is true. I guess Sundays don't sound that bad. So why was this Sunday like so good?

Well, church was enjoyable. We had ward conference, and the stake presidency as well as the bishopric did a really good job today. There were 2 naps today, as well as a great dinner and some cookie dough on the for football. Well in about a year you will learn who the Patriots are, and they'll be good for a while...but today they gave their game away to the most entertaining/annoying head coach in football. And you get to watch Men In Black...that's a show that will mean a lot to you later on in life. It's a good one with some sentimental value. Overall, it was a great day. Plus you didn't get home till about 11:20...and that's early for you.

Early? Really? Man, that sounds great! We really did have like a good day today didn't we?

Yes we did, and now it's time to fall asleep while watching a movie. Also, saying like isn't all the great. You should probably stop.

And you should probably stop with the lame pauses (...) it's not that cool either.

It's my voice man... don't hate... and before you say anything, "like" isn't your voice... all teenagers say it.

Ok, whatever you say. I'll li- umm, try to cut it out. Goodnight.


Well, that was fun. Whoever said talking to yourself was bad or would make you sound crazy clearly has never tried it before on a blog.

Fate, Dumb Luck, Perfect Timing and maybe some Heavenly Help

Sometimes in life, things just happen and you can't really explain why. As I sit back and reflect, I am reminded of an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" where Ted reflects back on a whole day and how it worked out perfectly to be in the right place at the right time to get the right job that would eventually lead him to the right person. If you want details, you can look up the episode for yourself -- I can't actually remember which one it is at the moment. Moving on...sometimes things just happen and it works out perfectly.

Deciding to take the time to visit a friend 3 hours away can lead to a whole chain of events that work out perfectly. Being force fed by your grandparents when you're already late, hitting all the stoplights at the right time, crossing the street in front of a car speeding towards you and being stood up by a friend in one day doesn't sound like much, but for me, it changed everything. It changed my attitude towards school, friends, missionary homecomings, work and dating. Now if you remotely know me, you can probably figure out what I'm referring to without breaking a sweat, but that's ok. I'd rather leave it vague in hopes that you take the time to reflect on your own life... because you never know when fate, dumb luck, perfect timing and maybe some heavenly help are responsible for your life.


First and foremost, I expect very few people to read this. I am not big on blog stalking people and I don't expect to be stalked. Putting that aside, I am making this blog...just because. I'll include things that make me happy, things that make me sad, something from my day, sports, tv, movies and anything else. Don't expect too much though, I don't plan on using this a whole lot. I doubt I get an every day thing going, and I'll write what is on my mind and not worry so much about polishing my thoughts. There you let's get on with the show.