Monday, November 26, 2012

Final points scenario

Scoring situations for playoff seeding:

#1 Should go to the winner of Rob or Ren.
#2 Chad…unless he outscores Rob by 210, ren by 145 points(well the winner of that game). It won’t happen.
#3 Should go to the winner of Jordan/Tyler.  The winner of Kyle/Konner could overtake this spot only if they outscore the winner by…a lot.  Konner would have to outscore tyler by 50, Jordan by 80, and kyle would be 70 and 100.  So that shouldn’t happen.
#4 Loser of Rob and Ren
#5 If Brady beats me, he should get this spot unless the winner of kyle/konner outscores him by a lot.  Kyle would have to outscore him by 60 and konner by 40.  If I win, The winner of K/K should take 5 unless I outscore konner by 45 and kyle by 25.  I outscored kyle by 30 this week so it could happen.  I outscored konner this week by .14, so not likely.
#6 Assuming you are smart enough to understand 5, you should get 6.

So depending on the seed Konner or Kyle want, they are either cheering for brady or me.  They cheer for brady if they want 6, and they cheer for me if they want 5.  I would kinda like 6 because then I would avoid Rob/Ren, the two highest scorers of the year so far.  Although playing Jordan in the first round doesn’t sound too appealing either.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Playoff Scenarios part 1

Well the 2nd to last week is over, and it is much easier to see who needs what to get in the playoffs.  All I can say is the West Division…nothing is easy with you.  In other news, no teams with losing records will make the playoffs.  That’s kinda sad that it’s an upgrade, but oh well.  Also, only two teams will get in per division.  I’m not sure we’ve had that kind of balance before (well in records, maybe not in talent).

Let’s start with the members of the South Division.
Matt and Trevor – Let the battle for last begin.  Remember guys, no throwing games.  Just because A Rog stubbed his toe doesn’t mean you are sitting him to play the “safer” chad henne.  And if you “accidentally” sub Charles out and“forget” to put him back in, I’ll override the system and do it for you.
Rob and Ren –Loser gets the #4 seed for sure.  Winner gets no less than #2/Bye.  Depending how Chad does next week, the winner could get a #1 seed (more on that in chad’s section).

West Division

I suppose this is relatively easy now.  Win and you’re in.  Here is the point break down.  Jordan – 1486.88, Tyler, 1453.96, Konner – 14063.32, Kyle 1387.52 (these come from the numbers I crunched tonight.  It was their previous points plus this week’s points, not complicated).  This only matters for the seeding…You either want 3 or 6.  5 means you play the loser of Rob and Ren, which isn’t ideal.  What’s interesting is that The top two teams points wise play each other. So the winner of Konner/Kyle will have to outscore the winner of Jordan/Tyler by a lot to lock up the #3 seed, which likely won’t happen.  I’m not sure what the difference between 5 and 6 is yet because the North Division hasn’t finished yet and I don’t know their total points.

North Division – I’m making assumptions that the games stand…that Geoff and I win.  I can’t assume points though. I don’t trust projections.

Chad will make it.  As either #1 or #2.  If he loses to Geoff he will for sure be the number 2 team because the winner of rob/ren will have more wins.  If he wins, but doesn’t outscore the winner of rob/ren by X amount of points, then he will still get the #2 seed. (I will let you know X tomorrow once chad’s points are done).

Geoff is unfortunately out.  He needed the me to lose (which I shouldn’t) or the west to be a little crazier.

Brady and Skyler…Winner advances, loser goes home…just like when we played each other last year in our rivalry week.  I’m not sure what the seeding potentially could be (5 or 6) because of the points, but I’ll let you know tomorrow night.

Also, shout out to kyle for going through and figuring this out and texting me while I was writing this.  I’m glad someone has some initiative around here.  Not that half the league needs to worry, but I’m glad someone else does besides me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fantasy Football Playoff Scenario

It's that time of year again where I go overboard on analyzing my fantasy football league and figure out what can happen for everyone.  I don't know if I'm the only one who cares enough to do this or if I'm the only one who knows the tie breakers enough to do it (most wins, and any tie in wins is broken by highest points scored).  So with two games to go in my STG League, here are the scenarios broken by person.  And I'll do this again next week when things are much clearer with only one week left.

I am Batman - Chad:
This all actually came up because Chad texted me today to talk about this.  He was worried that Ren and Rob would both get first round byes.  I assured him that can't happen because only division winners can get first round byes.  Even if the wild card has the 2nd best record, he doesn't get a bye.  So Chad has our division and a first round bye locked up.  He is 3 games ahead of Brady for the division lead, and he is 3 games ahead of Tyler and Kyle in the West Division, and so he is guaranteed a first round bye.  Best Case Scenario (BCS): #1 seed with a bye.  Worst Case Scenario: #2 seed with a bye.  Chad should buy an RG3 jersey for Christmas and give money to RG3's charity.

Rob Dogo - Rob:

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride, Rob might go the distance this year (but we say that every year), but getting a first round bye would help.  He is tied in record with Ren, but he has a near 120 point lead in the tie breaker.  Assuming he beats Trevor this week (the second worst team) he will have a final week showdown with Ren.  Ren plays the worst team this week (Matt) and if Ren wins that game then the Division Championship (and bye) will be between them week 13.  Fortunately for Rob he can lose to Trevor as long as he beats Ren because he has so many points that Ren shouldn't be able to catch up.  BCS: #2 seed with a bye. WCS: #4 seed playing the team that barely squeaked in.

El Gordo - Ren:
Ren's fate is tied with Rob, so if you read the above paragraph, you know what is going on with Ren.  basically he has to win out.  If he loses once, he also needs Rob to lose once.  If they finish with the same record, Ren needs to outscore Rob by 65 points the next two weeks to pull ahead in the tie-breaker.  But not likely.  He controls his own fate (as much as you can control it in fantasy football). BCS: #2 with a bye. WCS: #4 playing a crap team.  Like Rob, he has a decent scenario either way.

Well those 3 have playoff spots locked up and two of them are battling for the bye.  I love how our schedule has worked out this year.  You will see why as I explain all the other scenarios.  So now that we see our good players who are for sure in, let's look at those who have been eliminated.

Native Americans - Trevor:
Finished last, last year.  Currently 2nd to last right now.  Unless Matt somehow wins against a top 3 team, Trevor can't move to last.  Unless he sits his team.  Which is not allowed.  So if you do Trevor, I will penalize you and have you finish 2nd to last anyways so you can't get the number one overall pick.  That also goes to all the others.  If you are eliminated or have very little shot of getting in, no throwing games to get a better seed.  I get trading away players for draft picks (but the deadline has passed), but sitting your best players is not kosher.  So don't do it. I'm not sure what he considers best or worst because of the shame of taking last but the joy of having the first pick, but he will either finish last or 2nd to last.  I realize now he can finish last if he loses to Matt in the last week, but I'm not going to change my paragraph because it's a great way to lead into no losing on purpose.  But I do feel bad for Trevor.  He has scored the 4th most points, but he gives up a lot of points.

BHers - Matt:
Mathematically eliminated.  Can move up to second in the last week of the season if beats Trevor, or Ren this week, which I doubt.  So the question is Matt, who are you taking with your #1 pick? And who are you taking with Rob's #1 pick?  Matt will have a very enjoyable off-season and shouldn't be in this position next year.  If he is, we know he sucks, or got bit by the injury bug.

Everyone else has a shot to make the playoffs.  Granted, it's a long shot, but it's still a shot.  This list will roughly be in order of those who need the most help to make the playoffs.  So we start with Geoff.

Up 'n Atoms - Geoff:
Geoff needs some serious help. First off, he needs to win out, as soon as he loses, he's done.  He needs Jordan and Konner to lose out (That's not entirely true, because if Jordan and Konner each win a game he could win on a tiebreaker based on points.  But with two weeks worth of points, that is a little hard to look at, especially when he trails Jordan by so little), which is very possible since they don't play each other (like I said, I like how the schedule played out).  So assuming they lose out, Geoff then needs Brady to lose out.  As soon as Brady wins, Geoff is gone.  So he needs to beat Brady this week, and then I need to beat Brady next week.  However, if I beat Chad this week Geoff is eliminated.  If I beat Chad, and Geoff beat Brady, Brady and I would play against each other and the winner would advance, and Geoff would be a game behind.  So to recap, Geoff has to win out, Brady has to lose out, I have to lose to Chad and beat Brady, and if that all happens, Geoff has to make sure he outscores Brady and me (which he currently is over Brady, but only by 25 points, and he's destroying me) plus he needs Jordan and Konner to lose.  That would give him a 6 Seed.  He could get a 5 seed, but the that involves a whole lot of tiebreakers and Jordan and Konner each winning a game, butI don't want to get into too much right now.  Next week.

Dixie - Skyler:
My scenario is a lot like Geoff's.  The West is really crazy, but I need Kyle and Tyler to win out to make my scenario simple. And I would need Brady to lose out, which would be lose to Geoff and myself. If Brady beats Geoff, I need to outscore Brady by like 52 points for 2 weeks to get a tiebreaker.  There is a mess with the West Division, but I don't want to worry about that in comparison to Geoff and I.  I'm looking at a 6 seed if that all happens.

B EZ ON MY SNAX - Brady:
Brady can be #5, #6 or out.  Assuming he wins out, the difference between #5 and #6 is the tiebreaker with the west division winners.  He can lose 1 game and still make it, but that was semi covered in the other scenarios of mine and Geoff's

West Division:
This is a mess.  The top 2 teams are tied at 6-5 and the two bottom teams are tied at 5-6.  If the top 2 teams win out, they make the playoffs as the 3 & 5 seed or 3& 6  depending on the Wild card team in the North.  There is a chance that they could get seeds 3, 5, & 6, but that both Jordan and Konner to win a week, plus it requires Brady to lose both games, me to lose to Chad (but beat Brady).  I am honestly too tired to evaluate them on an individual basis because their division could be: Kyle and Tyler at 8-5, Konner and Jordan at 5-8, or Konner and Jordan at 7-6, and Kyle and Tyler at 6-7, or know what, I'm done with it.  Just let it be known it's a mess, if anyone of them wins out, he makes it.  We can really look at this next week. 

So this post has cleared up the obvious 5 people (chad, ren, rob, matt, and trevor).  If the schedule hadn't worked out like it did,  the West division could snake a bye game, but they cant because either Rob or Ren will get to 9 wins.  Someone from the West will for sure make the playoffs as the division champ, but from there on out, it gets messy quick.  We'll have this talk again late Monday next week or early Tuesday. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

What it means to be a Flyer?

I love sports.  I love watching them, talking about them, and playing them.  I think my love of sports might be the thing that drives my wife most crazy.  What she finds most odd about my love of sports though is that it includes loving my high school team.  For those who don’t know, my wife is from Maryland, from an area that can be considered a suburb of either Washington D.C. or Baltimore, and she has never cared much for high school sports.  Not even when she was in high school.

I have wondered for some time why this is.  Does it have to do with being from a small town vs. being from the suburb of some big cities?  Maybe it’s the east coast vs. the southwest?  Maybe she hates all sports(I really hope not, and I don’t think she does)?  Maybe it has to do with the fact that my family have been Flyers as long as they have existed and that she doesn’t have that connection to her high school?  I can say I’m not sure, but I think it has to do with a combination of all of them.

First off, let me toot my own families’ horn.  Now what I’m about to say can only be proved by very old newspapers at my grandpa’s farm, and if you ever want to see it, I’ll gladly show you, but I’m the great grandson of the original Dixie Flyer.  You might be saying “Huh?” or “What?”, so let me explain.  Do you know how Dixie got the name Flyers?  It was given by a news writer talking about how the Dixie point guard was very fast, how he flew up and down the court, and something else about the rest of his flyers(I can get you direct quotes at Easter time).  Any idea who that point guard was? Arnold McArthur, my mom’s paternal grandpa.  So anyways, I think that’s the first reason why I love being a Flyer so much.  However, I know I’m not the only one who loves being a Flyer even after graduation.

Here’s a quick stat for you.  Roughly 30 people I went to school with (meaning we’re all graduated) commented about Dixie taking state in football today.  Some of them have family on the team, but most don’t.  That says to me that plenty of people still have school spirit even though they have already graduated college and moved away(you should have seen the number of adults at the game who don't even have kids on the team).  Now why is that?  I think a lot of it has to do with the small town, and I think a lot of people have multiple generation connections to Dixie.  However, I think there is more than that.

Why would anyone care about a school 5 years later unless that school did something for them or to them?  I don’t think they would.  So what is so special that Dixie has that other schools don’t?  I think the one word to describe it is family.  Some people may have hated Dixie and would totally disagree with me (I have a couple in mind) but I can only describe how I see it.  Maybe I’m biased because family was the way football felt and I equate that to all the school, but I like to think that even though I didn’t know everyone during school, everyone was friends because we went to the same great school.

So why did so many people post about Dixie winning today?  Was it a slow facebook day? Were we supporting a brother or cousin on the team?  Maybe some were living through others?  Or maybe being a Flyer means being family, even when it’s people you don’t know doing great things and you offer your support for a cause larger than yourself?   

All I want to know what being a Flyer means to you…and either why you did or didn’t care about today.  Please comment below or on facebook, because obviously it means something to 30+ people.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blue Line Deli

I'm not normally a fan of blue line deli with Wendy's being so close, as well as other good places. Today I'm grateful for BLD though because I'm super hungry and need to grab something quick to eat.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

UPS and McDonalds

Today I am grateful for places with free wi-fi (mcdonalds) and places that print and bind projects (UPS) and I'm even more grateful that they are right next to each other.  It makes getting our projects done easier.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Star Wars

Today I'm not going to say I'm grateful for voting. I'm sure everyone else already is saying that. Today I'm grateful that Disney bought lucasfilm and is making more Star Wars. Just for the record, I wasn't pondering this all day, I'm just wearing a Star Wars shirt. When I grabbed my phone to type this, looked down and I saw my shirt and it motivated me.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


It's been a while since we've had the class where we post grateful blogs, but I'm grateful for this weekend because of family. Logan is getting married and chance should be getting his mission call. I'm excited for them to take these steps in their lives and glad I can be a part of it.