Sunday, November 25, 2012

Playoff Scenarios part 1

Well the 2nd to last week is over, and it is much easier to see who needs what to get in the playoffs.  All I can say is the West Division…nothing is easy with you.  In other news, no teams with losing records will make the playoffs.  That’s kinda sad that it’s an upgrade, but oh well.  Also, only two teams will get in per division.  I’m not sure we’ve had that kind of balance before (well in records, maybe not in talent).

Let’s start with the members of the South Division.
Matt and Trevor – Let the battle for last begin.  Remember guys, no throwing games.  Just because A Rog stubbed his toe doesn’t mean you are sitting him to play the “safer” chad henne.  And if you “accidentally” sub Charles out and“forget” to put him back in, I’ll override the system and do it for you.
Rob and Ren –Loser gets the #4 seed for sure.  Winner gets no less than #2/Bye.  Depending how Chad does next week, the winner could get a #1 seed (more on that in chad’s section).

West Division

I suppose this is relatively easy now.  Win and you’re in.  Here is the point break down.  Jordan – 1486.88, Tyler, 1453.96, Konner – 14063.32, Kyle 1387.52 (these come from the numbers I crunched tonight.  It was their previous points plus this week’s points, not complicated).  This only matters for the seeding…You either want 3 or 6.  5 means you play the loser of Rob and Ren, which isn’t ideal.  What’s interesting is that The top two teams points wise play each other. So the winner of Konner/Kyle will have to outscore the winner of Jordan/Tyler by a lot to lock up the #3 seed, which likely won’t happen.  I’m not sure what the difference between 5 and 6 is yet because the North Division hasn’t finished yet and I don’t know their total points.

North Division – I’m making assumptions that the games stand…that Geoff and I win.  I can’t assume points though. I don’t trust projections.

Chad will make it.  As either #1 or #2.  If he loses to Geoff he will for sure be the number 2 team because the winner of rob/ren will have more wins.  If he wins, but doesn’t outscore the winner of rob/ren by X amount of points, then he will still get the #2 seed. (I will let you know X tomorrow once chad’s points are done).

Geoff is unfortunately out.  He needed the me to lose (which I shouldn’t) or the west to be a little crazier.

Brady and Skyler…Winner advances, loser goes home…just like when we played each other last year in our rivalry week.  I’m not sure what the seeding potentially could be (5 or 6) because of the points, but I’ll let you know tomorrow night.

Also, shout out to kyle for going through and figuring this out and texting me while I was writing this.  I’m glad someone has some initiative around here.  Not that half the league needs to worry, but I’m glad someone else does besides me.

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