Monday, November 26, 2012

Final points scenario

Scoring situations for playoff seeding:

#1 Should go to the winner of Rob or Ren.
#2 Chad…unless he outscores Rob by 210, ren by 145 points(well the winner of that game). It won’t happen.
#3 Should go to the winner of Jordan/Tyler.  The winner of Kyle/Konner could overtake this spot only if they outscore the winner by…a lot.  Konner would have to outscore tyler by 50, Jordan by 80, and kyle would be 70 and 100.  So that shouldn’t happen.
#4 Loser of Rob and Ren
#5 If Brady beats me, he should get this spot unless the winner of kyle/konner outscores him by a lot.  Kyle would have to outscore him by 60 and konner by 40.  If I win, The winner of K/K should take 5 unless I outscore konner by 45 and kyle by 25.  I outscored kyle by 30 this week so it could happen.  I outscored konner this week by .14, so not likely.
#6 Assuming you are smart enough to understand 5, you should get 6.

So depending on the seed Konner or Kyle want, they are either cheering for brady or me.  They cheer for brady if they want 6, and they cheer for me if they want 5.  I would kinda like 6 because then I would avoid Rob/Ren, the two highest scorers of the year so far.  Although playing Jordan in the first round doesn’t sound too appealing either.

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