Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Story Behind the Cat Scratch

If you're reading this, it means you somewhat follow what I do in my life.  If you somewhat follow what I do in my life, you have probably seen the picture I posted on facebook of when the cat mauled my head.  Well here is the story of how it happend.

We just finished watching a movie and were getting ready for bed (it was around 12:30 am).  I usually am the one to feed the cat, so I was going to put food in his bowl before we went to sleep.  Two things you need to know about my cat: 1 - When I feed him, he likes to jump off the counter, onto my back, and then up to the top of the fridge, and 2 - When he is really energetic, he will run laps around the living room.

That night he was running laps as I went to feed him.  He saw me getting his food and thought about jumping on my back.  I saw his hesitation and waited for him to start his next lap.  Once he kept going on his lap, I started to pour the food in his bowl and he cut his lap short and went straight to the counter and then took a quick jump towards me.  I think he slipped or took a bad jump after sprinting to the counter and he landed on my face/head region -- Break time, I'm watching Phelps vs Lochte online. F'ing Phelps...took 4th.  Good job Lochte for dominating -- and when the cat sprawled out, I'm pretty sure he extended his claws.  Once I got hit, I think I moved into and made matters worse for me.

It hurt because he crashed into me, but I didn't think anything more about it other than I was angry.  In case you don't know, head wounds bleed...and my wife doesn't like blood.  So I saw her face and realized it probably didn't look so good.  Well, you've seen the pic and know what happened... if you haven't go to my page and see it.  The point is, I wasn't viciously mauled by my cat.  He just crashed into my head.  So you can all stop the cat hate anytime now.

Time to get back to the olympics online. Go USA!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Life update

Well things are going quite well for me.  I'll keep it quick, but since I haven't blogged in a while, I thought I would now.  I did get into the Information Systems program, so that made life really nice.  I have my schedule all mapped out, so that felt cool to see how my next two years should roughly go.  Because I got into the program I had to get a new laptop, which I'm currently using...and it's awesome.  It's much nicer and bigger than my old dinky netbook.  Maybe I wont like carrying this around as much, but considering all my classes but one will be in the tanner building, I'll be ok.

As far as not important to life, but still awesome things, we finally finished "Lost" this week.  It felt good to finish the show, and I thought it ended well.  It did a good job tying up loose ends.  Speaking of watching stuff, I watched the two batman movies this week on DVD and then went to the midnight movie here in Provo.  Also thought it was a good movie.  I like how it ended.  The only bad thing about the movie occurred in Aurora, Colorado.  Very sad, very scary.

That's about it...Not much more going on that's worth sharing.  So thanks for reading, and adios.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Upcoming Activities

So today at church, I may have been a little bored...I'm no Spencer W. Kimball (at least I think it was him that said he has never been in a boring sacrament meeting)...and so I started going through my calendar to see what was coming up in my life, and now I want to blog about it because I normally don't post positive things on my blog.

In 5 days...I find out if I make it into the Information Systems Junior Core.  If I were a betting man, I'd bet on myself, 1. Because I'm awesome, 2. Because I got an A- in the 303 class, 3. If I can't believe on myself, why should anyone else, and 4. see #1.  Ok in all seriousness, I'm hoping, but I don't want to get my hopes to high up and then have them crushed, so I'm still waiting anxiously.  If I get in, you'll see it on facebook.

In 37 days...My brother Logan gets home from his mission.  I'm very excited because even though I've been in college almost the entire time he has been gone, I still miss him.  My boss was kind enough to give me the week off that he gets home and so I plan to enjoy it.  Too bad he's going to DSC and not coming up here to go to school.

In 56 days...I will have my 5 year reunion in 55 days, and on the day after we will be having our fantasy football draft (a few days after that is NFL kickoff.  Instead of making a 60 days, I just thought I'd include it here).  That day is definitely one of the top 5 Sunday's of the year.  Other's include the Superbowl, Easter, and general conference Sunday's.  **Bonus Sunday's** if there are Christmas or birthdays going on, the list gets expanded that year.  Maybe I'm a hypocrite for mentioning the Superbowl and Easter in my top 5 Sunday's together, but don't you judge me.

In 100 days...Disneyland.  Really I feel that I should have capitalized the whole word, made it bigger, bolder, italicized, a different color, and included pictures...but that wouldn't follow this blog format and it would give away the 100 days later too soon.  Just know that I am excited to go to Disneyland with all my family...which for the first time ever includes Jocelyn.  Thanks to my generous parents, they will be flying us down there, covering the hotel, and paying for the tickets.  Before you think my parents are loaded, let me say, flyer miles, hotel points...and the Disney tickets are straight cash from their pocket.  So like I said, quite nice of them, but they haven't won the lottery (as far as I know).  So let me recap, free travel, free lodging, free tickets (for us...thanks again mom and dad), Disneyland, California Adventure, the Beach (eh...not a huge fan, but whatever), with my wife, my brothers, my parents, and no school...yes, I like to think I have great reason to be excited.

Too bad Jocelyn will probably kill me before day 56 or 100 happen because she will get annoyed with me talking about them so much.  So there you go, now you know what I'm looking forward to in life.  And now it's bed time.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Illuosry Superiority

***Warning: Sports blog ahead...and even worse than that, it's fantasy football.  Feel free to turn back now***

If you know me (chances are that you do if you are reading this on purpose) I think I'm awesome.  Hey, at least I can admit I'm somewhat egotistical.  Admitting it is the first step, wanting to change is the next step...and I don't plan on getting their anytime soon.  Anyways, like I said, I think I'm awesome, but I think most of us feel that way about ourselves.  According to the all-knowing Wikipedia this is call Illusory Superiority -- it basically says that we all think we are above average...and I think most people suffer from it, or enjoy it, whatever.  So now that we have established we all think we are awesome, I can go on.

I am a lover of sports (my wife still cries about it at nights) and I like to think I know what I'm talking about (blame the I.S.) most of the time.  And any time I can talk about sports with someone, I'll do it.  I feel especially strong about Fantasy Football.  It doesn't help my ego that I won one of my leagues last year and took second in the other, but you can deal with it.  So today I was trying to increase my fantasy football knowledge and was reading different articles, rankings, and strategies when I came across a "Bleacher Report" article.

I occasionally read their stuff but not too often because they are people like me (or in my opinion, worse than me) writing for them.  I'm sure they have well-written articles and insightful information, but I haven't found it yet.  Again, maybe this is the I.S. talking, but I feel like I could write wonders for them.  Anyways, I'll give credit to Kurt Saunders because he actually writes for them and I don't, but his article was awful.  I'll let you read it because I don't want to rehash everything he said (although it validates his article and gives him clicks...dangit!) but he basically said don't draft a certain 5 guys in the first round.  I would easily take 4 of them in the first round and one of them number one (Arian Foster).  Now maybe he plays in a very different league than I do, with standard scoring...and only 6-8 teams, but his advice was awful.  Basically he wants your first round to be something like this

Ray Rice
LeSean McCoy
Aaron Rodgers
Marshawn Lynch
Ryan Mathews
Matt Forte

and after this I have no idea, so I'll make something up trying to use his logic.

Steven Jackson

But that's a stretch because while he makes some interesting points, he eliminates too many people.

If you know this guy, get him in a 12 team PPR league where all TD's are 6 points...and make it for some serious cash.  You'll thank me for it later.

So anyways, to wrap this all together, thanks to I.S. I thought I could be a decent sports writer (decent meaning nothing but educated opinions and stats from ESPN and other sites to back me up) on my blog or something, but Kurt's writing has inspired me to admit I too suffer from I.S.  While I wont give up trying to talk sports, I will use Kurt as my inspiration to battle I.S., do some research, and to not be argumentative just to be argumentative.  And again, please, if you know him, put him in your big money league...and invite me to join.