Monday, July 2, 2012

Illuosry Superiority

***Warning: Sports blog ahead...and even worse than that, it's fantasy football.  Feel free to turn back now***

If you know me (chances are that you do if you are reading this on purpose) I think I'm awesome.  Hey, at least I can admit I'm somewhat egotistical.  Admitting it is the first step, wanting to change is the next step...and I don't plan on getting their anytime soon.  Anyways, like I said, I think I'm awesome, but I think most of us feel that way about ourselves.  According to the all-knowing Wikipedia this is call Illusory Superiority -- it basically says that we all think we are above average...and I think most people suffer from it, or enjoy it, whatever.  So now that we have established we all think we are awesome, I can go on.

I am a lover of sports (my wife still cries about it at nights) and I like to think I know what I'm talking about (blame the I.S.) most of the time.  And any time I can talk about sports with someone, I'll do it.  I feel especially strong about Fantasy Football.  It doesn't help my ego that I won one of my leagues last year and took second in the other, but you can deal with it.  So today I was trying to increase my fantasy football knowledge and was reading different articles, rankings, and strategies when I came across a "Bleacher Report" article.

I occasionally read their stuff but not too often because they are people like me (or in my opinion, worse than me) writing for them.  I'm sure they have well-written articles and insightful information, but I haven't found it yet.  Again, maybe this is the I.S. talking, but I feel like I could write wonders for them.  Anyways, I'll give credit to Kurt Saunders because he actually writes for them and I don't, but his article was awful.  I'll let you read it because I don't want to rehash everything he said (although it validates his article and gives him clicks...dangit!) but he basically said don't draft a certain 5 guys in the first round.  I would easily take 4 of them in the first round and one of them number one (Arian Foster).  Now maybe he plays in a very different league than I do, with standard scoring...and only 6-8 teams, but his advice was awful.  Basically he wants your first round to be something like this

Ray Rice
LeSean McCoy
Aaron Rodgers
Marshawn Lynch
Ryan Mathews
Matt Forte

and after this I have no idea, so I'll make something up trying to use his logic.

Steven Jackson

But that's a stretch because while he makes some interesting points, he eliminates too many people.

If you know this guy, get him in a 12 team PPR league where all TD's are 6 points...and make it for some serious cash.  You'll thank me for it later.

So anyways, to wrap this all together, thanks to I.S. I thought I could be a decent sports writer (decent meaning nothing but educated opinions and stats from ESPN and other sites to back me up) on my blog or something, but Kurt's writing has inspired me to admit I too suffer from I.S.  While I wont give up trying to talk sports, I will use Kurt as my inspiration to battle I.S., do some research, and to not be argumentative just to be argumentative.  And again, please, if you know him, put him in your big money league...and invite me to join.

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