Saturday, July 21, 2012

Life update

Well things are going quite well for me.  I'll keep it quick, but since I haven't blogged in a while, I thought I would now.  I did get into the Information Systems program, so that made life really nice.  I have my schedule all mapped out, so that felt cool to see how my next two years should roughly go.  Because I got into the program I had to get a new laptop, which I'm currently using...and it's awesome.  It's much nicer and bigger than my old dinky netbook.  Maybe I wont like carrying this around as much, but considering all my classes but one will be in the tanner building, I'll be ok.

As far as not important to life, but still awesome things, we finally finished "Lost" this week.  It felt good to finish the show, and I thought it ended well.  It did a good job tying up loose ends.  Speaking of watching stuff, I watched the two batman movies this week on DVD and then went to the midnight movie here in Provo.  Also thought it was a good movie.  I like how it ended.  The only bad thing about the movie occurred in Aurora, Colorado.  Very sad, very scary.

That's about it...Not much more going on that's worth sharing.  So thanks for reading, and adios.

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