Monday, July 9, 2012

Upcoming Activities

So today at church, I may have been a little bored...I'm no Spencer W. Kimball (at least I think it was him that said he has never been in a boring sacrament meeting)...and so I started going through my calendar to see what was coming up in my life, and now I want to blog about it because I normally don't post positive things on my blog.

In 5 days...I find out if I make it into the Information Systems Junior Core.  If I were a betting man, I'd bet on myself, 1. Because I'm awesome, 2. Because I got an A- in the 303 class, 3. If I can't believe on myself, why should anyone else, and 4. see #1.  Ok in all seriousness, I'm hoping, but I don't want to get my hopes to high up and then have them crushed, so I'm still waiting anxiously.  If I get in, you'll see it on facebook.

In 37 days...My brother Logan gets home from his mission.  I'm very excited because even though I've been in college almost the entire time he has been gone, I still miss him.  My boss was kind enough to give me the week off that he gets home and so I plan to enjoy it.  Too bad he's going to DSC and not coming up here to go to school.

In 56 days...I will have my 5 year reunion in 55 days, and on the day after we will be having our fantasy football draft (a few days after that is NFL kickoff.  Instead of making a 60 days, I just thought I'd include it here).  That day is definitely one of the top 5 Sunday's of the year.  Other's include the Superbowl, Easter, and general conference Sunday's.  **Bonus Sunday's** if there are Christmas or birthdays going on, the list gets expanded that year.  Maybe I'm a hypocrite for mentioning the Superbowl and Easter in my top 5 Sunday's together, but don't you judge me.

In 100 days...Disneyland.  Really I feel that I should have capitalized the whole word, made it bigger, bolder, italicized, a different color, and included pictures...but that wouldn't follow this blog format and it would give away the 100 days later too soon.  Just know that I am excited to go to Disneyland with all my family...which for the first time ever includes Jocelyn.  Thanks to my generous parents, they will be flying us down there, covering the hotel, and paying for the tickets.  Before you think my parents are loaded, let me say, flyer miles, hotel points...and the Disney tickets are straight cash from their pocket.  So like I said, quite nice of them, but they haven't won the lottery (as far as I know).  So let me recap, free travel, free lodging, free tickets (for us...thanks again mom and dad), Disneyland, California Adventure, the Beach (eh...not a huge fan, but whatever), with my wife, my brothers, my parents, and no school...yes, I like to think I have great reason to be excited.

Too bad Jocelyn will probably kill me before day 56 or 100 happen because she will get annoyed with me talking about them so much.  So there you go, now you know what I'm looking forward to in life.  And now it's bed time.

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