Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Story Behind the Cat Scratch

If you're reading this, it means you somewhat follow what I do in my life.  If you somewhat follow what I do in my life, you have probably seen the picture I posted on facebook of when the cat mauled my head.  Well here is the story of how it happend.

We just finished watching a movie and were getting ready for bed (it was around 12:30 am).  I usually am the one to feed the cat, so I was going to put food in his bowl before we went to sleep.  Two things you need to know about my cat: 1 - When I feed him, he likes to jump off the counter, onto my back, and then up to the top of the fridge, and 2 - When he is really energetic, he will run laps around the living room.

That night he was running laps as I went to feed him.  He saw me getting his food and thought about jumping on my back.  I saw his hesitation and waited for him to start his next lap.  Once he kept going on his lap, I started to pour the food in his bowl and he cut his lap short and went straight to the counter and then took a quick jump towards me.  I think he slipped or took a bad jump after sprinting to the counter and he landed on my face/head region -- Break time, I'm watching Phelps vs Lochte online. F'ing Phelps...took 4th.  Good job Lochte for dominating -- and when the cat sprawled out, I'm pretty sure he extended his claws.  Once I got hit, I think I moved into and made matters worse for me.

It hurt because he crashed into me, but I didn't think anything more about it other than I was angry.  In case you don't know, head wounds bleed...and my wife doesn't like blood.  So I saw her face and realized it probably didn't look so good.  Well, you've seen the pic and know what happened... if you haven't go to my page and see it.  The point is, I wasn't viciously mauled by my cat.  He just crashed into my head.  So you can all stop the cat hate anytime now.

Time to get back to the olympics online. Go USA!

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