Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blogging About Nothing

Here's the simple talk about nothing whenever I want. If I have something pointless to say, I'll say it here.

If that's all you want to know, stop reading... but if you'd like to know why... keep reading. I don't do so well with journal writing. In fact I'm awful at it. I always forget or try and sum up too much later. And I even tried to do it with microsoft word, but then my subscription expired and it was put on hold for too long, so I quit. So in part, this is my new attempt to speak what's on my mind. Plus, if i know someone is reading this, I'll be more positive on life.

Here's another reason...facebook abuse. Do you ever have that friend or two that posts something every 3 hours and you couldn't care less about it? Yes, I have some of them, and I think they need to do one of two things: get twitter or get a blog. Now, if you want to tell us all about your dog, your cat, your biweekly trip to the store, or whatever else you do a lot, put it on twitter. The point is to update your status a get one... plus I don't have to follow you on my phone, and I'll never know that you just stubbed your toe on grandmas old couch. So that's why I have a twitter, in case I have the urge to post random stuff all of the time.

Here's the other facebook abuse that led to my blog. People who post philosophical quotes every day, or 3 times a day...and people who put a whole paragraph and their heart and soul into every post. I mean good for you, but if you have that much to say... make a blog! That's what I'm doing, and it's great. I feel much better about letting out my random stuff, and no one has to read this that doesn't want's your choice. plus, no one knows about my blog... yet. Some day, that could change... but until then, I'll have my blog to post whatever I want when I feel like it. And if that's a blog about nothing, I'm totally ok with that.

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