Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 Weeks...

Where to begin? Oh man, life has been hectic these past two weeks. Get engaged and BYU dumps more work on you than you know what do do with. It's worth it though. Too bad I've missed the past 2 weeks of blogging. I don't know whether to blog about Jimmer, the Superbowl, losing 2 free cafe rio meals when I had a straight, Jimmer, trying to plan a wedding, being in St. George twice, Jimmer, or this "bachelor party" we did for my cousin.
St. George
yes, it's awesome

I went all in with 3 people left on the straight draw... I got it...but Chad had me called and had a flush draw and got it on the final card...grr... but we finished top two in both cafe rio events, so it's fair

Good game, good party, good crowd, good fun. Didn't get back to provo till after 12, but it was worth it

If you haven't seen all the Jimmerness on facebook, you're beyond hope, but he's awesome, i hopefully can catch the game tomorrow.

Bachelor party
It wasn't much, as awesome cousins, we bought justin a glacier from frostop... the after party is when he left for home and me colby and brady watched the social network. you should all be jealous.... on the topic, early congrats to justin and kinsey and their wedding tomorrow

It hasn't been that bad, I like what I'm learning in I sys 201 and Acc 200, but it's challenging. I don't mind it too much...yet

Well, there is the summary of my last two weeks. hopefully i'll blog again and more consistently

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