Thursday, February 17, 2011

Free T-Shirts

I love free stuff. There is just nothing better. When you're a poor college student, you take what you can get. This week it was 3 t-shirts for free...and maybe a chance for more tomorrow. In my Tuesday class, the I Sys club (i think it was them) came and gave a presentation and then asked questions. I answered the first one, got a t shirt and went back to not caring. Great way to get a t shirt. It's not the best looking shirt, but it was free.

Today, Glenwood had their 20th annual "Polar Bear Plunge". They opened up the pool and let you swim one lap to get a sick blue t shirt. So we (Adam, Seth, Brady, and me) went and did that, followed by the fire and ice challenge. We had already completed the ice (swimming) part, but after that included eating a cup of chili. It wasn't overly spicy, but it was very hot. A little hard to put down -- the roof of my mouth is burnt -- but we did it for another t shirt. It wasn't as cool as the first, but still awesome nonetheless.

That was about it for the day...I took a nap during accounting homework, listened to Jocelyn and her mom plan the wedding...and I don't really remember what else; naps make me forget things. So that's it for today, although I do need to give a random shout out to a certain know who you are... (not Jocelyn) no using my blog posts against me or anyone else. This is a safe space, free of judgement. No need to get mad for nectar runs or awesome polar bear t shirts. That is all. Peace out world wide web.

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