Saturday, February 26, 2011

Basketball again

I love BYU basketball. Oh yes, I truly do. And watching the game today was epic. Glenwood put on a party for it, and it was a good time...good atmosphere. Thank you Glenwood for the party and 3 t-shirts I have from you on the year.

That might have been the most complete game BYU has played. I'm still not a fan of Davies game outside of 5 feet or 5 seconds, but his defense was quite good. I might be crazy for saying this, but out of all the players, Jimmer played the worst... Now before I get attacked for heresy, let me explain. Everyone stepped up and had one of their best games all season. Jimmer only scored 25 points...for anyone else that's awesome, but it's an only for Jimmer....and he had some turnovers; but at the same time, Jimmer also had 9 dimes, which is about double his average, so it all balanced out. I just wish the refs weren't so anti Jimmer. When the big dance comes around, most of those no calls will be calls.
Now for intramurals... I had another great week of 0 points. Yes, I am that awesome. I know I'm so good that I take myself out when I want, like when there are 3 minutes left and it's a close game. The game was pretty good for a while, unfortunately, there wasn't help from the refs for the while. The other team had a dodgeball game to play at the same time, so at one point it was 5 on 4. So many fouls were called on us during that time from the refs feeling bad or something. I'm pretty sure we outscored them when they had all 5 more than we outscored them with only 4... Now back to my the end of the game I took myself out so I could coach - yes, that's it, to coach. I did keep track of the fouls... (it was at its worst, about 8 or 9 fouls on us to 3 on them) there time outs, our time outs, possession, etc.

We were only up by 2-5 during most of the game, and in the last couple of minutes it was close, and therefore scrappy. The other team was playing well and trying to catch up. After a basket to pull them within 1 or 2 they called a timeout. We tried to as well, but they got it first. They ran out of time outs so I told the team to watch for fouls to stop the clock. Well eventually push came to shove, and there was a loose ball. They jumped on it...and called time out. So I let the ref know they were out and it was a was confirmed and the other team flipped...brady iced the two free throws, the other team kept on complaining and we won. It was rather humorous to see them act like that. I then over heard them in the hall saying how we probably weren't that good...very sneakily I started talking to them and let them know we had only lost 1 game by 1 point. They were shocked. I should have told them we were ranked in the top 70 when they were maybe between 120-160, but whatever.

Point of all this? I love basketball right now, even if I can't score to save my life. Look for BYU to be top 5 this week. 2 teams in front of them (SDSU and Texas) have already lost this week, and Duke plays tonight as does Pitt. Both are away games and Pitt plays a ranked team. If everything goes right, BYU could be top 4, but look for them to be in the top 5 on Monday.


  1. if u look at byu on it shows that with his 25 points and the points from his 9 assists add up to be 49 points, 6 more then his other game, and he didnt have any assists that game either

  2. he went 8 for 23 ish...better said, roughly 33% shooting... he was off