Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weddings and Countdowns

Today, Justin and Kinsey were married. It was a very nice event and I'm happy for the both of them. I was able to go to the sealing, luncheon and reception (perks of being family) and it was all very enjoyable. The food was good, as was their video. The sealing didn't take long and I enjoyed the comments from the sealer. The reception had an ice cream bar...yes, it was awesome. I had seconds...I had thirds on the cheesecake at the luncheon. Anyways, moving on away from the food...

They gave me some advice for my wedding coming up soon* but I figure I'll ask them again in a couple of weeks when their minds aren't so frazzled. One thing that Justin said that I know I will need help with is the smiling. I'm not a smiler, so pictures and lines will be tough on me. Oh well. One last final shout out to the new happy couple: Justin looked fly in the white tux and Kinsey looked beautiful. Despite their long day you could see the happiness in their faces. Good luck guys.

So, now to the me part of this blog. My wedding day wont get here fast enough. Jocelyn and I talked about it today, because that's just what you do at other peoples' weddings...and it needs to hurry up. Sometimes time just goes too slow. I suppose we'll need the time to get ready and everything, so that's a benefit, but I still really want to be married. I guess I'll just need to learn patience until then.


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