Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wake up calls

I hate being woken up in the morning. It is the worst thing. Ever. What's worse is when I get woken up on the weekends. Now a shout out to my cousin's fiance Jessica...the guilty culprit. I usually give her angry words every weekend because she calls and I am woken up in the process (side note:her and Brady are in St. George for the weekend) because his phone is on loud or he talks loud. Now, I'm not blogging to rag on her, but rather to thank her.

This morning Brady got a phone call and I thought it was early, and I asked him why she was calling at 7...He said ya, 7, whatever you say. Turns out it was 9:45 and I had class at 10...the class where I had stayed up till 2 the night before writing a paper. So thanks to the wake up call, I was able to get up and turn in my American Heritage paper. Brady, thanks for the ride...Jessica, thank you for waking me least for now. I'm sure I'll be mad next weekend again, but we can work that out later.

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