Wednesday, February 16, 2011

French Fries

Today was relatively stress free. No homework for tomorrow, no crazy classes, work was put off for another day... it was good... minus all the reading I did for American Heritage and still only scraped a 79, but I wont let it get me down. Besides, no one does well in that class, right? So I caught up on some tv shows while Jocelyn talked to her mom about the wedding and reception and honeymoon and lots of other stuff. It was great...they talked and I watched how I met your mother and the community. I am so helpful sometimes.
So why french fries? Because they are simple, yet thoughtful and awesome. One thing about my relationship with Jocelyn that makes me so happy is the little things we do for each other. We will sometimes "fight" to see who gets to do what. Like some days we have a wrestling match to get to the tv to see who can change the channel. Or today when we had a race to the garbage to throw it away or to get the mail (I won both times). I must say, I love having someone who is willing to do that kind of stuff for me, and that I love doing that kind of stuff for her....anyways, back to french fries.
So I'm a fan of doing small things for Jocelyn. Today she had to grade about 9 papers for her writing fellows job and she was dialed in... no distractions or anything. I left around 10 45, which is early for me to leave, and i went home. However, me being the sneaky person I am, I wanted to do something for her to be nice while she was working: enter french fries. We love the wendys fries and so I decided before I left I would get her some.

After a quick nectar (Dr. Pepper) run with brady, I got the fries and went to Jocelyn's apartment and dropped them off. I decided to have some fun with it. Her roommate Amy opened the door and I told her to shhh... (not let Jocelyn know it was me) and I told her to give the fries to Jocelyn. Corny and lame? maybe. Worth it? yes. i ran off, brady drove away, and about 2 minutes later I got a text from Jocelyn.
So maybe it was lame, but I enjoyed it because I was able to do something small for my fiance...I love calling her that... and i really like doing small things for her. I figure if i get good enough at it, we should have a perfectly fine relationship. So today, I would like to thank Wendy's fries for making that possible.

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