Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This weekend in sports.

One of my life long dreams is to be a sports analyst/writer. If you've ever watched PTI, or Around the Horn, that is my dream job...I would even like the job that Ray Romano's character has in Everybody Loves Raymond. So I am going to try my hand in sports writing in this post.

Did you see any highlights from NBA all-star weekend? Blake was the man. I think his name may have won him the Dunk Contest, but that's ok, I'm fine with it. His best dunk came during the rookie/sophomore game. It was a great throwdown, but an even better pass from Wall. I don't know how many people could make that 20+ feet bounce pass.
Also, I didn't really watch so much of the celebrity all-star game...but I liked it for two things. First and foremost, Zachary Levi (aka Chuck) played, which is always exciting because of my love for Chuck. It made me happy. But the biggest news was the play of the Bieber...apparently he's never even played city league before, so extra kudos to the Bieb.
This just in: 'Melo goes to NY. I'm not sure I approve of this trade. NY gave up at least 3 (maybe 4) starters to make this trade, but they did get 2 of Denver's starters. I do like Billups as the #3 option instead of the #2 option, so that will help him out. I am interested to see how those two plus Amare will work together in that offense. They are currently at the 6 seed in the east, two games above .500 and if the playoffs started today, they'd have to play against Chicago. I'm not sure they match up well enough to beat Chicago. They can probably catch Atlanta and Orlando, but I don't think they're better than Orlando. Oh well, only time will tell for this season. I think 'Melo should have just gone as a free agent, but maybe this will work out. You never know who else they could recruit or develop next season.
Just for fun, I wonder what teams will get the big free agents next year? After the '11-'12 season, D Will, Dwight Howard, and Chris Paul will be the big free agents. The Nets have shown that they are willing to try and get people, but I think the Clippers need to get involved. While I hope D Will stays in Utah, I wonder what he (or Paul) would be like paired with Blake or Dwight. I suppose he could go to NY with Billups being 34, but you never know. Basketball could get really interesting the next few years... Speaking of next year, I now hope Jimmer goes to Miami; that would be sick!

Speaking of Jimmer, this basketball season is getting interesting. The top 4 teams lost, yet BYU didn't move once. I can't say I expected them to move up, but still. I can hope right? This week will be huge for BYU. CSU will be a good game, and then SDSU this weekend. If BYU can win both, and convincingly, I think they'll go top 5 and either Texas or Pitt slide out. Pitt has the best chance of the top 5 of dropping out, so we'll see. I hope Jimmer can go off before March Madness. If guards win games in the Big Dance, BYU is sitting pretty. There aren't many dominant big men this year, so hopefully BYU can survive that. Rogers has played well, Hartsock is pretty consistent, and Davies...I'm not sure how I feel about his game. If he is within 10 feet from the rim and doesn't hold the ball for longer than 7 seconds, I'm quite the fan. Outside of that...not so much.

Please come back. I need my fix of hard hits and Fantasy Football. Owners: Don't lock them out.

Please go away, I don't want to have to deal with you until October...and that's only if Boston is in the playoffs. Yankees...please die.

Well, that's all I've got...it's more opinion than analysis, but I liked it. If anyone wants to argue a point, feel free. I'm always up for a good sports argument...unless it's about baseball, I just don't care right now. Sorry.

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