Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Best NBA lineups of all time

In honor of the NBA playoffs, and a discussion I had with Brady the other day, I am making my top 2 all time line ups in the NBA.  I'll give you both teams, plus 2 to make a 12 team total, and I'll say why I picked player 1 over player 2 and whatever else I feel like.  This is based on players during their prime, obviously not right now.

Team 1 -
PG - John Stockton
SG - Michael Jordan
SF - Larry Bird
PF - Tim Duncan
C - Shaq

Team 2 -
PG - Magic Johnson
SG - Kobe Bryant
SF - LeBron James
PF - Karl Malone
C - Dwight Howard

Reserves -
Ray Allen
Kareem Abdul-Jabar

Stockton over Magic - It's not a total homer pick, just mostly.  I think he the most pure point guard in the game (as in passing, setting others up, fulfilling the PG role) but I do know Magic is the far better athlete, scorer, and basketball player.  Also, by having guys who need the ball on offense (MJ, Bird, Shaq), I thought I'd put a guy who probably passed more than was necessary.

Magic is on this least because he is Magic, I don't need to defend this pick

MJ over Kobe - Duh. It's MJ, best player ever. Read the above sentence and change Magic to Michael.

Kobe - Closer, killer, good defender as well.

I actually hate both SG's, but I respect both of them.  MJ for the pushoff, Kobe for being a good Laker (I don't hate anyone else for this though).

Bird over LeBron - Larry Legend, clutch (shot at LeBron) and was dominant.  Plus he won executive of the year today, and he's won coach of the year, and mvp, and lots of stuff.  Only person to ever do it.

Lebron because he is the most athletic player to play the game, could play PG if needed, and can defend all 5 positions.

Duncan over Malone - I probably get the most flack for this one because I live in Utah, and I love both players while most people in Utah only love Malone, and hate Duncan.  A lot of this pick is also because he is paired with Shaq.  I like the big combo's that I put together.  One dominant defender, with one dominant offensive player, while the other is still solid at offense and defense respectively.  Duncan has more all defense teams while malone has more all nba teams.  This would be a coin flip for the most part, but I think Duncan is the better PF.  Good thing I don't live near most of my friends, they would probably kill me for this...or try that is.

Malone - 2nd leading scorer all time, tough, homer pick, but even still, I'd put him here if I weren't a Jazz fan.

Shaq over Dwight.  Basically the same guy, except Shaq is meaner, more mature, and more dominant on offense.

Dwight - Athletic freak, still developing, but is a monster.

Ray Allen - Great shooter, and we needed one of those, plus in his prime, he could do a lot more
Kareem - Was on a lot of all nba & all defense teams... This is a respect pick and I wanted one more big.

Agree, disagree? post your own....but no bill russel talk.  he can take those 11 rings and shove them (darn randon).  Could you imagine bill trying to stop Shaq or Dwight? He would get trucked.  Also, I have too many Lakers on this team.  oh well.  if OKC wins right now it makes it all better.  Peace out, and let the arguments begin.

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