Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Brief Summary

So school is crazy and I haven't had much time to blog, or made time for it -- whatever.  So here are some brief rundowns.

We went to St. George three weekends in a row before this weekend.  Logan came home, which was awesome.  Picking him up from Vegas was pretty fun.  It was a nice long car ride down to Vegas with my family plus Shellee, and my aunt Jodie and cousin Trisha found us later on the trip.  Once the long car ride got over, the long waiting at the air port began.  The funniest part about the trip was wandering back and forth between terminals to try and find him.  The incoming flights get off on their gate and then ride a train/tram thing to the main area.  We didn't know which section of the train he got on so we didn't know which door to wait by.  We marched back and forth a lot once we saw people coming off the train to try and find him.  We eventually did find him and it was a happy event.  We got dinner and then drove home.  We (the brothers not named Konner) stayed up fairly late talking those first few nights...good ol brotherly bonding.

Anyways, we finished out the week watching Dixie High School football beat Springville and then we left on Saturday so that we could get back on time to teach sunbeams on Sunday because we couldn't find a sub.

That Monday I gave my two weeks notice at the bookstore and I don't really remember what else happened the rest of that week.  We did leave on Friday with the McArthur's to come back down to St. George because my brother was giving his homecoming talk and we were having our western woods fantasy football draft that Sunday night.  We also watched DHS play again...and Konner got some decent playing time.  Logan gave a great talk...other than he confused Geppetto and Jiminy Cricket in his talk.  The draft also went well.  Then we came home...and then school started the next day -- dun dun dun.

Monday was orientation and Tuesday, the I Sys Jr. Core began.  Good golly there was so much homework that first week.  But I got it all done, and I'm hoping to keep the habit up, but who knows.  So far so good, but I'm starting to procrastinate more.   So Thursday we went to the BYU/Washington St. football game.  I had fun and was impressed that BYU's defense did so well.  Too bad the game was so late.  Friday was another busy day of work, school and homework.  My parents came up to watch DHS play Provo.  3 High school football games in 3 weeks.  Jocelyn has never been happier.  Konner got a little bit of time, so it made it all worth it.  Saturday morning was my last day at the bookstore and then we took off with the Pierce's to St. George.

We went to St. George this time for my 5 year high school reunion as well as for my other fantasy football draft.  Everything went well, other than after the reunion we went to play pickleball and the lights turned off early on us.  Also that Saturday, my brother got engaged...yes that same brother who had been home less than 3 weeks.  They will be getting married November 3rd in the St. George Temple, FYI.  At least that is what I've been told...I doubt the date changes, but sometimes things change the further you get into planning the wedding.  So Monday we came back to Provo and had school week 2 starting Tuesday.  This week hasn't been so bad as far as homework goes, but it's still plenty tough.

Wednesday, the NFL kicked off.  Let's just say I was very happy.  Jocelyn's brother Derek also got in that night so we went to dinner with him and then played Settlers of Catan.  I do not have a love for that game as much as I used to.  It was a bad game for me overall, but I just got bored so quickly.  Intramurals started on Friday, and we got smoked.  We were down a man and we didn't have our QB there.  Later that night I watched Dixie/PV online (Dixie won) and then on Saturday we went to the BYU/Weber St. game.  Today was church, and more fantasy football.  Not the best week for me, but I found some silver linings.  Derek also left today.  It was fun having him stay with us a couple of nights.  We did go mini golfing (he beat me by 3 or 4, and I beat Jocelyn by 2-4) and out to eat a couple of times, plus he entertained the cat while he was here.

So that's it.  You might not hear from me in a while, but I'm sure you're not complaining about that.  Also, everything on my countdown list is done except Disneyland.  37 days left and counting.

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