Friday, April 11, 2014

Some Harry Potter Thoughts: 1 of a Lot

            So I recently finished reading the Harry Potter book series, which is my favorite book series of all time.  I’ve been contemplating writing about Harry Potter for the last little bit, but I’m not sure what all I could write about.  I could write about my original experience reading the books, or why I love them so much, or all of the questions I would ask J.K. Rowling, or the movies, or any combination of the above.  This could turn into the longest post of my life, or several posts.  I think I will bore you with several posts instead.
            So I think I will begin with why I love them so much, because the original experience requires more research.  I will begin with a small overlap on my original experience though.  I’m actually surprised I ever liked Harry Potter.  We had it read to us in 5th grade.  Normally I don’t like being assigned reading (even to this day), so it either means the book is that awesome, or the fact that my teacher read it to us helped me not care, or both (but definitely that the book is awesome).  Either way, a very big thank you to Mr. Dean for getting me hooked.
            Most people know I’m a big Star Wars fan, and Harry Potter seemed to fit in just fine.  Fantasy and Sci-Fi are similar enough in my mind.  So that was my first reason for getting into it.  Another reason I liked it was that when I got into the series, I was around the same age as Harry (and roughly grew up with Harry, but more of that will be mentioned with my original experience), which helped me feel a connection to him…and having glasses helped too.  It seems somewhat ridiculous, but I didn’t like having glasses, so Harry having glasses made me feel better.
            While we are on connections, I never really identified specifically with one character, but I always felt like I had something in common with several of them.  I already mentioned the connections with Harry, the connection I had with Ron was the red hair, and Hermione was a bit of a know-it-all/bookworm/nerd – and I had more of those tendencies in my youth (I still do now, but not nearly as bad).
            The good vs. evil aspect is always something I’ve liked in my stories.  Maybe it’s too much of a kid mentality, but I always preferred good vs evil over the troubled hero, or the gray moral areas.  That’s changed some, but I’m still that way in general.  One thing that hasn’t changed is my overactive imagination.  The book was very descriptive in general, so entering that new world was all sorts of fun.  I’m sad to say I still often day-dream and get caught up in other thoughts, but it happens.
            Another them from the booked that I really liked was family and loyalty.  Granted, Harry didn’t have his family, but it was an important theme.  Seeing as how Harry didn’t have his family, his friends became his family, and he showed them a lot of loyalty.  I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I am quite the loyal friend.  Maybe a little too loyal sometimes, but that’s not the point right now.
            I don’t really want to get into specifics of each book, but each book had its adventures, sports, hijinks, commodity, drama, and some romance (in the later books).  Also, being kids/youth books, they are pretty easy to read.  I am a big fan of Netflix because I can binge watch.  Well with Harry Potter I could binge read.  I like to finish things that I’ve started, such as TV shows, movie series, or books.  I like to know things as soon as I can.  I hate waiting, and so I would often do nothing but read Harry Potter to find out what was going to happen – there aren’t many better days than that in my opinion.

            So that’s it for now, I will write more later on – most likely next week since I have a couple of paper’s do this next week.  I know you’re all excited to read it, so I will try as much as I can to get to the next blog, which will be my original experience with the books.            

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