Monday, December 14, 2015

Skyler's Fantasy Football Semi-Final Facts

Forgive my lame title, I just wanted to include as many S and F words as possible.  That now sounds more vulgar than I meant it.  Oh well, moving on. This week's games are basically over. Chad has an 8 point lead and took out his only remaining player in case of a scenario he score's a lot of negative points.  I doubt Shane Vereen would have scored less than -8, but then again, I had Tony Romo score -5 before he got hurt, so I get the move.  Matt is up 10.5 ish with his kicker left to go.  I think it's even more unlikely that a kicker could score -11 since our league doesn't penalize missed field goals, but if Matt wanted to sit his kicker to be safe, I wouldn't blame him.  Quite frankly, I think if his kicker managed to score 0 real points, and fumble it 6 times, Matt should win the whole thing out of pity.  So next week Matt will play Kyle and Chad will play Skyler (yes, that's me, but if I say Skyler, it makes me think I am bragging less when I pull out facts later on).

Here are some things I looked up that I found interesting for the semi-final matchup next weekend, starting with Kyle and Matt.

  • This is the first time since 2011 that Matt and Kyle made the playoffs.  They actually played each other in the opening round that year, with Kyle winning 169.08 to 159.70 before losing to Rob in the semi-finals by 1.38 points.
  • Every time Kyle makes the playoffs, he makes the semi-finals (beat Matt once, and got the bye this year).
  • This week was Matt's first win in the playoffs.  He lost to Kyle (as previously mentioned) by less than 10 points, and in 2010 he lost to Hukill by less than 6 points.
  • Both teams biggest playoff success has come in the pre-mission era.
    • Matt managed Jordan's team to a championship while Jordan was on his mission.
    • Kyle won the first championship, but we don't actually know who he played, and despite what Chad claims, I'm pretty sure it wasn't Chad.
  • The winner of this game will play in their 1st championship of the modern era.
  • The all time record between Kyle and Matt (including playoffs, but not counting consolation games) is Kyle with 5 wins and Matt with 2 wins -- his last win over Kyle was in 2013.
  • Based on me eye-balling the week 15 matchups, I give the edge to Kyle. 
Now here is some Skyler and Chad information.
  • This is Skyler's 6th straight semi-finals appearance, and this is Chad's 4th.  In all 4 of Chad's semi-finals appearances, he has played Skyler.  He is 2-1 all time in the semi-finals against Skyler.
  • 2011 was the only year Chad didn't even make the playoffs, and in 2010 he lost in the first round to Geoff, who went on to win the championship.
  • The winner of Skyler and Chad will be the first person to ever make 3 championship appearances, as they are both tied at 2 appearances -- as is Hukill.
  • As Chad and Skyler are in the same division, they have a larger number of games played than Matt and Kyle.  Chad leads the playoff games 2-1, and Skyler leads the regular season 9-3, so total it is 10-5 in favor of Skyler.
  • Chad was the first person to go to back to back championships.  If he wins this week, he will have gone to 3 of the last 4.
  • Chad and Skyler are Mormon Eskimo Brothers.
    • The amount of Mormon Eskimo Brothers in this league is semi-disturbing.
  • If Skyler wins, he will be 3 for 6 in the semi-finals which will move him up to a 50% record in the semi-finals.  That would also move Chad down to 50% as he is currently 2 for 3 in the semi-finals.  If Chad wins he will have a semi-final winning percentage of 75, while Skyler would be at 33.
  • Week 15 matchups -- Chad's top guys have a better matchup than Skyler's top guys, but Skyler's ok players have a better matchup than Chad's.  Slight edge to Chad, as I am 100% committed to the reverse jinx here.
Last fact for all 4 teams -- they are all BYU fans.  They could either be so happy after Saturday's game that they forget about fantasy football, or they could be super depressed and compensate by getting overly aggressive with the fantasy matchups.  Anyway, that's it for now.

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