Sunday, September 22, 2013

Getting Last Night Out of my System

I have the tendency of either caring way too much or not enough about something. I'm either super passionate or totally indifferent towards most things. Go big or go home right?

Well this drives my wife crazy. She would rather I was moderate about everything. Unfortunately I'm just not that way. And because I'm so passionate about certain things, I get emotionally attached. If things go well, I'm happy, if not -- well it's probably best to not talk to me.

And this leads me to last nights game. As a BYU fan, I'm very passionate about my team, and because we lost, I'm rather unhappy about it. My thought is maybe if I get all my thoughts out here instead of spamming people on Facebook, I'll get over it sooner. So anyways, here goes nothing. Here are all the things that I'm mad about.

Our offensive play calling: I'm beginning to remember why we let Anae go a few years ago. The play calling was too predictable and not very effective. Jocelyn made the comment that she has started learning more when you should pass or when you should run, and that BYU wasn't doing so well at it. I get that we didn't want to abandon the run, but the Utes D line was not giving us that option. Once we started playing a quick tempo pass game on the mid routes, we moved the ball much better than running for three yards, running for two yards, trying to throw for 20 yards, then punting. Then again maybe the deep pass stuff wasn't all Anae's fault.

Taysom Hill: I like Taysom Hill. I think he will be a good QB and I think he has gotten better at passing as the year has gone on. That being said, he holds onto the ball far too long and then goes for the deep throw. However, at least he can throw it deep unlike our last QB and he doesn't throw it so high that it's a threat to be picked like two QB's ago. Hill needs to stick to the quick short and mid throws, build his confidence and skill, move the chains, and only go deep on the last play of the game or half.

Cody Hoffman: Just kidding, I love Hoffman. I blame the subjects of the previous tow paragraphs for him not being involved in the first half.

The Refs: They were bad on both sides of the ball. Everyone has a right to not like them this game. After two bad weeks in a row, they should be out of work for a little while.

BYU fans: I liked the showing up early part, but we got down and quiet too soon. We got to do better at being loud. Speaking of which, we are supposed to be loud on defense, quiet on offense. I think BYU should require all freshman to take a half credit class called how to be a real fan 100.

Ute fans: I just want to say I agree with Max Hall. I mean uh...crap. In all honesty 99.9% of the Ute fans were fine. I have no qualms with you. Your team was better and you should enjoy it. The 0.1% (or less) I have issues with were a few I saw on TV and a few I saw on Twitter.

To those at the stadium I didn't like by just seeing you on tv (there was only 3 of them that did this). I can understand you cheering for your team, but gloating to every BYU fan around you and motioning them to be quiet or sit down after a big Utah play is just dumb.

I don't know if you feel secure that no one at BYU will do anything to you, but there is no way you could get away with that at most other sporting venues (on any level) so please don't do it.  It just makes you annoying to everyone around you, and then when someone responds, you call them names (jerks, mean, classless, hypocrites, etc) and act all hurt. Speaking of calling names.

To a person on twitter I won't call out by name -- Throwing out blanket statements like I don't like BYU fans because they are all classless is Max Hall like. Don't stoop to that level. Doesn't your mean spirited tweet also prove you are lacking in class at worse or overly emotional at best? Give the BYU fans the benefit of the doubt that they are being over emotional too, because I know I was.

Well that's it I think. I certainly do feel better, but that might all change in 10 minutes, so who knows.  My teams went 2 for 3 on the weekend, so I can't get too mad.


  1. I honestly agree with everything. I am surprised I wasn't the only fan mad at other BYU fans for not being good fans at the game. We get so darn quite if anything goes slightly wrong. We have such a terrible home court because of it.

  2. Your QB was 18 for 48 last night making him 40 for 114 on the year. That is 35% on the year. He can only get better.

    I hope that I'm not in the .1%. Enjoyed your thoughts.