Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fantasy Football Musings

So in all reality, there are too many weeks left to really analyze playoff scenarios.  There are so many what if's that it's hard to go over every scenario.  So here are the most likely scenarios, based on projections, my gut, and past performances.  Not a lot of player projections though.  So anyways, here we go.  To access the league page click here.

Things I hope: That I win it all again.  Ok, now to the real stuff.

Things I know:

1 - Ren has wrapped up his division.  He has a 4 game lead over Matt (who is number 2 in the division) with only 3 games left.

2 - Rob is out of the playoffs. Other out of the playoffs that will likely happen: Geoff, Koko, Trevor.  Here is why.  At 3 wins, they cannot catch Ren, Chad, Jordan, or the winner of Skyler/Brady (or both if we tied that game) even if those people lose out.  They would then be tied record wise with the loser of Skyler/Brady and Kyle (if those people lose out) and would then depend on points for the tiebreaker.  However, counting on people to lose out or win out is a tall order.

3 - So to make a visual of that last point, Jordan, Ren, Chad and winner of Skyler/Brady's week 13 game will end with 7 wins minimum (Ren already has more, and Jordan and Chad will likely win one of the next three to end with more than 7 wins).  So if you want a shot of getting into the playoffs, you need to get to 7 wins. 8 wins to make a strong case. 9 Guarantees it. 6 teams could get to 9 wins if everything bounces there way.  But really only 5 have a shot since Brady and Skyler can't both get to 9 wins...also, it is a big if for all of those teams to get to 9 wins.

4 - My division will be crazy if Brady beats Chad and I beat Geoff.  The top 3 teams will be 7-4.  That could be fun.

Things I will speculate on:

1 - Geoff, you are my bro, and if I had to suit up and go to McLaren's with anyone from this league, it would be you. However, I think I beat you this week.  The projection will likely change when you update your roster, but still.  I want to believe I will win.  As this is my blog, I can do that. Plus it makes #4 up above possible.

2 - Jordan loses to Koko this week. And maybe to Kyle next week.  I'm sorry, but I just don't love Ryan, Ridley, Richardson or Wallace.

3 - Hukill could go on a run. He has some really good running backs, and I don't like it. I'm glad I don't play him again during the regular season.  Speaking of scary, chad with megatron and CJ2K's scares me.

4 - T Rich is getting so many dump off passes this game, I hate him less than when I speculated on number 2.

5 - I don't think Matt makes the playoffs.  He needs to win out to get to 7 wins, and that just isn't a good scenario to be in.  He has to play Ren, and I already mentioned 4 other guys that will get to 7 wins (or more)

Well that's it. I don't want to speculate anymore or else I'll be up all night.  I'll try and write throughout the next two weeks once we know more.

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