Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finally: The year in review

So I just realized that I still have forever on this airplane and that I haven’t blogged in about that long as well… So I decided to update the blog. I’m so dedicated, I’m writing this in word and I’ll copy and paste it later when I have internet. Never mind that I haven’t blogged in forever, I swear I’m dedicated. So here is my school year in review. It’ll be more focused on the 1st semester due to the fact that the blog existed in the 2nd semester.

1st semester highlights

This being my first semester ever of college, I had no idea what to expect…much less since Jocelyn was gone in Jerusalem. I managed to survive somehow, and here are some of the reasons why. Many of them are people, but some aren’t. Without further introduction, here we go.

Fantasy Football – I don’t know if I love anything (not anyone, I love people more) more than this glorious game. It takes the goodness of the NFL, let’s you pick the players you want, and compete with your friends. For about half of the year I was undefeated in my main league (I had 2 main leagues, 11 total. 1 championship, 2 3rd place finishes, 1 4th place, and a lot of crap) and I finished in #2 for the regular season. Unfortunately I beat myself in the playoffs. Tyler and Shalyse were on their honeymoon in the semi-finals, and Tyler asked me to manage his team the week I played him. It was awful to beat myself; But overall it was fun, I hope the lockout ends just so I can keep playing. Congrats to Geoff for winning it all.

Since we’re already on the topic of football, having an all-sports pass was great for football. I loved it. Too bad we weren’t good, but that’s ok. And part of the reason I loved it so much was because of…

Kyle, Katie and the Jessicas – I won’t put last names because I don’t want to give these people too much credit. Ok, correction, Kyle Pierce can have credit. The girls, don’t get as much credit. I just can’t give it to them. Moving on, these guys gave me a social life while Jocelyn was gone. I had a lot of fun getting to know them better. Kyle is in my fantasy football league, so we already knew each other, but we also had a class together, we were on the same flag football team, and we’d go eat out about once every 2 weeks, there were some good times we had. Jessica #1 – was dating my cousin, who lived in St. George, so we were both kinda loners. It was rather nice having a loner friend. And on a positive note, they did get married, and it was a great wedding. Congrats to them. Jessica #2 I met back at the end of 2009 but I didn’t really get to know her till this semester. Somewhere between asking all sorts of questions and eating all of her cheezits, we became friends. Katie…I’d rather not say anything nice about Katie, because our relationship was always insulting the other, but it was always in good fun. She is hilarious and…I can’t believe I’m going to type this, a quality person. Ugh, that hurt. But I hung out with them a good amount and they helped me get through the weekends during the semester.

Ryan – He gets his own section because he is in a category all by himself. We somehow lived in the same complex, and had our MWF schedule exactly the same. Over time we eventually found this out and we bonded over homework and class. We had several Denny’s runs followed by Mario Party on gamecube. You only wish you were that cool.

Mont, Braden, Adam and Natalie – We all had English class together, which was actually a fun class. Even though it was honors. It was a freshman class, but these 4 were the only ones who were older, so we bonded rather well. I actually had 2 classes with Mont, and that was fun, he educated me on…education: writing and such. And I educated him more with sports. We talked about it a lot and he was also on my flag football team. He had some clutch plays for us. Quite the pick up for the team he was. I run into Braden once in a while, and when I do, it’s always a treat. That guy is high quality in how he acts and treats people. I’m not sure he says mean things. But that could just be I said mean things so loud in general I couldn’t hear him. Adam I met in the first semester but got to know in the 2nd semester due to freshman monitoring (which I hated by the way…the freshman thing, not Adam). He is similar to Braden in the never negative aspect. He was always asking how life was and seeing how things were. We had some good times in our 2 classes the 2nd semester. Natalie – Funny girl, but we never bonded a whole lot until we started talking about our significant others…and funny story, we’re marrying the same people we talked about. We actually ran into them getting ice cream once. Very cute couple, I wish them the best. All of these guys helped me get through my classes, and I am very thankful for them.

Shayde – Coolest guy ever? Yes, I think so. He was my roommate for the whole semester. We were both insomniacs and always up till like 4 AM watching TV shows. The funniest example of our crazy sleep schedules was on Fridays. I had 2 classes that day, from 7-9. Way too early. When I got up, Shayde would be in bed, when I got home from school, he’d still be in bed. I’d get back into my bed and sleep. He’d get up, go to class at 12, while I was still in bed, and then he’d come back around 4 and I’d still be in my bed. It was great. He is one of the funniest people I’ve met. If you get the chance, room with him. Even his name is cool.

How I met your Mother - That was a great TV show, I loved it…I still love it. I’m sad that the season is over. That show is legen…wait for it…dery.

School itself – well that sucked. No way around it. The only perk was the 16 spanish credit test that I did really well on. That boosted my GPA big time.

2nd Semester – It went well, as you hopefully know by reading my blog. Jocelyn came back, and Brady was my roommate. Very big winning combo. And the overall summary of my semester is this…I’m flying to DC right now so Jocelyn and I can get married on Monday. Ya, it’s that awesome. But that will be another post in a while, because let’s be honest, I have 0 plans of blogging on my honeymoon.

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  1. Hey Ugly, I can't believe I'm writing this, but you are alright yourself. ;) haha thanks for the shout out! WHEN YOU READ THIS YOU WILL BE MARRIED!! Congrats!