Saturday, April 30, 2011

2 year intervals

So this post has taken priority over my year in review post. I was sitting on facebook, and I noticed all the recent pictures of the college graduates. You all suck...I'm rather jealous actually... But I started thinking about when I would graduate (4 more years...if you want to do accounting it's 5 years. Yes, that is including the masters program. I've heard you don't get your bachelor until you complete your masters...kinda lame, but I guess it makes sense) and it was a sad thought. I'm going to be in Provo forever. It's even more sad that it's April 30th and snowing like crazy outside...i like the moving on.

Well so I thought how that was a long ways away, so I decided to see what would be in 2 years, and then I compared that to now. And I realized something, I like to control my life. Little bumps in my plans cause me great stress, even though I know I'll be ok and all will be well, I still stress. I want to know details of everything. Ever since I was 10 I started thinking about who I'd marry and what college I would go to...and that brings me to now. I've known both answers for some time and it's nice to get that off the worry list. But then I started thinking how life was different 2 years ago, and then 2 years before that and before that....and it was really weird to see how life had changed so much....So now here is a 2 year timeline...projected with 2015 and going back to...however far I can get. [These all pertain to the months of April and May of these years]


2015: Graduating with a Masters in accounting, married for 4 great years to Jocelyn. Maybe 1 kid, but that seems to be pushing it for now. Excited to leave Provo and school and go get a real job in my quest to eventually work for corporate Disney (I could write a novel about will be another time).

2013: Oh glorious day, I will be getting finished with the dreaded JR. Core (I am so excited...not really) 60% done with college. Jocelyn will have been done for a year, and hopefully will be working and enjoying life...and maybe enjoying taking jabs at the fact that I'm still in school.


2011: Writing this blog. I'll be getting married in a month, and I'm very excited about that (please see like half of my other blog posts that have happened and about half of my future ones. To summarize, I have an amazing fiance...and it's a great story...really, go see my other blog posts). The Spurs lost in the 1st round as the #1 seed, Michael Scott left the office (I almost cried when Jim said goodbye...I don't want to talk about it.) I'm busy pondering life, hoping Jimmer goes to the Jazz or Heat, and hoping to make ends meet with the new apartment and bills.


2009: I was in my 5th area in my mission. Housely was my favorite companion. We were having lots of success, or I guess setting up the lots of success I'd soon be having. It was the time of my last phone call home (mothers day). Then came the swine flu, then transfers with a phone call from Pres. Rex telling me about a special assignment elder that I'd be getting. This was closely followed by something that could best be described as a dear john...but that's not really an accurate description either. I weighed about 180 (I'm about 215-220 now) I hit 18 months in the mission and had an interview with Elder C. Scott Grow of the 70. He is a great guy. I'd love to go on more here about him, but it's not the time or the place.

2007: I was finishing up high school, which was a great time, and a difficult time. So many memories (5 year reunion next year). There was graduation itself, D Day/week, Bucket Run, Senior Show Off, Mr. Dixie, Grad Night (I still think back on the awesomeness of that trip), Lake Powell and Disneyworld. There was a baseball road trip...and I'm going to cheat here, but lots of good sports adventures that whole year. Lots of good friendships were made, others tested; also had some relationship drama. On a spiritual note, I believe I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time, I got my Patriarchal Blessing, the Melchizedek Priesthood and I turned in my mission papers.

2005: Sophomore year was about to end. Nothing really comes to mind as great. My timeline starts to get confusing here. I'm pretty sure this is about when Sajen, Brady and me decide to tear up the summer. We were the kings...but that's also a different post for a different time. If you ask Jocelyn or Jessica though, they will probably tell you me and Brady talk about it enough. Not surprisingly enough, I was having my relationship issues. Something about me and the months of April and May don't get along when it comes to women. I'm not sure what it is...I just know I got lucky in 2010 and I'm banking on it continuing in 2011 (I'm knocking on wood as I Oh yes, this was also the time that state baseball was in St. George, I ran track (I can't believe I got under 1:00 twice on the 400m), I actually was playing a lot of ultimate and I enjoyed being in the sun (Sorry Jocelyn, that was a long time ago).

2003: 8th grade...I'm going to assume there was more girl drama, but I don't even know now. All I remember is getting excited to be in 9th grade and at the top of middle school. Also, we always had the end of year party down by Cox Landing.

2001: Ending 6th grade. Awful year. I had to ride the bus and go to school with a bunch of future Snow Canyon people. Gross. I blocked out most of this year.

1999: Oh man this is back there...ending 4th grade... I had a bat thrown at my face at the end of year field trip. That was a shiner...special thanks and shout out to DJ Heppler and his mom for getting me through that event. That was also the year I won the story telling contest...I just can't remember what month.

Well I can't go much further back. I decided to spare the long version of this blog (I know what you're thinking: how could this have been any longer? But believe me, it could have) by not including what my plans were at each stage. 1 constant was wanting to go to BYU, another was somehow involving living in (6-8 years old), owning (8-15ish) or being an upper management employee (current...don't hate) at Disney. Other life ambitions included Astronomy, Engineering, surviving (that one hasn't left since middle school), and business.

Life may be hectic, but it sure has been a lot of fun to live. I'm glad to be a bit more organized now, but I know that come what may, it will be alright if I'm living a good life. Thanks to any of you that have played a role in it. Large or small, I owe part of who I am today to you.

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