Sunday, December 4, 2016

One Night, One Playoff Spot to Go.

Our league is loads of fun, so of course the last playoff spot has yet to be decided.  Chad has clinched the number one seed.  For the record, the North Division has been the regular season champion, or had the best regular season, or clinched the number one seed (whatever you want to call it), four years in a row now.  If Kyle loses (more on that later), Skyler would have the second best record, which would put the top two teams in the North Division.  Good thing Skyler doesn't get a bye week.

Speaking of bye weeks,  Kyle had a lead over Matt by just under 30 points.  If Kyle loses tomorrow, Matt will get the bye week because he outscored Matt this week by 33 points.  Those were some awkward sentences, but I think you get the idea.  That's not even the most exciting matchup.  If TJ wins over Kyle, he makes the playoffs.  If he loses, Rob will make the playoffs.  Tomorrow's game all comes down to Frank Gore scoring 6.8 points.  There are plenty of scenarios for that to happen, but it's basically a lock if Gore score's a touchdown.  He has only scored less that 6.8 once this year, and that was last week.  Odds are in TJ's favor, but you never know.  So if TJ wins, the first round match will be Kyle vs TJ, with the winner playing Matt.  If Kyle wins, it will be Rob vs Matt with the winner playing Kyle.  Of course, Brandon Marshall could score 35 and cause Matt to lose, but that's not realistic, so why bring it up?

The other side is pretty boring.  Chad has the bye week, Skyler and Jordan play each other next week for certain.  The Skyler vs Jordan matchup will be the 4th time they have met in the playoffs (which is interesting because they never play in the regular season).  It will be the third time that the winner of that game will move on to play Chad (2012, 2013).  It's like the great Yogi Berra said "It's Deja Vu all over again.  There will be more on this next week, but I just wanted to put it here for now.

Anyway, that's it for now.  Since tomorrow's game doesn't effect me at all, I don't really care all that much what happens.  I mostly hope it comes down to the last drive and that Gore only scores between 6.5-7.1.  I want it to be close and uncomfortable for all 4 guys who will be watching closely tomorrow.

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