Sunday, October 9, 2011


So here I am, writing just for the sake of writing. I don't have much to say other than I'm tired of school, tests, homework, studying, etc. I need a break. The funny thing is, I don't have class Friday, but I usually feel like I don't have a real weekend. Darn you college.

The things I can blog about that made my weekend: Cafe Rio, Captain America, Riley Nelson, Fantasy football.

Cafe Rio: Tasty...I love me some pork salad

Captain America: Don't listen to the Hukill's it's a good movie. Not as good as Iron Man, but still good. Also, the Avengers looks sweet.

Riley Nelson: for all you fair-weathered fans who nearly bailed back to heaps after his first fumble, get over it. He's the man.

Fantasy Football. I won my work league game (well really old work), I should win my normal league (trevor needs a miracle) and in the auction league, Nick got his miracle and it's now a 2.5 ish point game and we both only have our kickers left. The losing teams kicker could win us the game. I figure the winner will get PAT's and the loser's kicker will get the FG's to win one of us the game. oh man.

Well that's I can say that I blogged for M Com.

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