Sunday, October 2, 2011


[Written on Friday, posted Sunday]

So I have to admit it, I wasn’t planning on going to the game today. Not that I didn’t want to. But I had a huge accounting test to take (4 hour time limit) and the line at the testing center was longer than I’ve seen it during finals week. Unfortunately, by the time I got done with my test the game had started. I went and found my wife and once she was done with her paper we went to get dinner. We had been on campus for like 14 hours, so it was a much needed break. We picked Wendy’s and stayed in to watch the game.

Back up a few 7-8 hours earlier…. I was at work in the bookstore, just about to leave. We started talking football, and in a weak moment, I picked BYU to lose. I know, I know, I shouldn’t have. At that point I wouldn’t have been surprised either way, but I picked USU by 2 field goals, but for jake heaps to score through the air – he got it on the ground, so I’m not sure, but it might be more impressive, so I’ll call it a win in my book. Back up even earlier (or basically from game one till today) and I was preaching no more Jake Heaps…it’s somewhere in my Facebook… go check it out. I was all for Riley Nelson because he had heart, desire, and was more athletic (think tim tebow extra lite) than Heaps…plus I liked his attitude more than Heaps’, I thought he understood the game better, and I’m biased because we played against him in the playoffs and he impressed me.

That whole time I was told, “don’t be crazy, nelson isn’t better. We can’t win with nelson, heaps just needs to grow (which I agree with, I think he could be good if he puts his head/attitude in check), Nelson isn’t a quarterback, who cares how athletic he is” (this is to you Jeff in my stats class. You won’t read this, but I’ll bring it up on Monday). Fast forward back to (yes, it sounds odd, but we’re going back to the future, but still right now’s past…you follow? No? me neither, so full steam ahead) a few hours ago. I’m at Wendy’s, Nelson is put in and starts tearing it up… he takes hits, loses his helmet, runs with guts…maybe a bad toss or two, but I never said he was superman…throws a touchdown. Then Jocelyn adds, “why doesn’t he get more time?” Preaching to the choir! Moving on some more, game winner, we’re all happy…I’m extra happy because I TOLD YOU SO! Nelson is a big time gamer, with a good attitude and good head on his shoulders…and awesome hair on his head. I’m not sure it’s BYU approved, but it’s ok.

Yes, this blog was quickly and poorly written. Yes, I’m tooting my own horn about being right about Riley Nelson this whole time. Even the radio guys said they could see a perk to the players when nelson was in. I have it on good authority that the team didn’t really follow heaps last year, and I don’t see how it’s changed magically in the summer. I think we saw tonight whom they prefer.

Well I’m done. That was all I wanted to say… that and we can’t tackle. How do you facemask a guy’s face nearly to the ground and still not get the tackle. C’mon Cougs! I’m happy they won, sad I had my test that made it so I couldn’t go. And in case you couldn’t tell, I’m super stoked for Riley Nelson, and my preaching him.

A few afterthoughts. 1- USU’s run game: WOW! 2-On the play where the call was called a catch by the line judge, overruled by the back judge, and overturned by the replay…that back judge should not have done anything. He didn’t have the angle. Not that being a city league ref makes me the man, but c’mon man. 3- Riley Nelson tonight, 2 TD’s through the air. Jake Heaps all season: 3 through the air. Goodnight.

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