Sunday, September 25, 2011

The far too Short Weekend

Well it’s that time of the week again, so here’s another blog entry for my homework. This week was like any other week: four nights of reffing, one midterm, zero college football games, work until 4 p.m. on Saturday afternoon… correction, this was not like any other week. It was a stressful week. Not saying I have it harder than others, but it was hard enough for me. Today feels like the only day of the weekend, and it’s already over; fortunately, it was (mostly) a good day.

Today started like any normal Sunday – church, home teaching, football viewing – but the best part was spending time with our friends the Nortons. I served my mission with Norton (his real name is Ian, but I just can’t call him that) and we’ve been pretty good friends since day one. In fact, the weekend I came up for his homecoming was the weekend I met Jocelyn. Anyways…he has been married for a year and lives 10-15 minutes away from us, and we do stuff with them on occasion. Tonight was one of those said occasions. I’m not sure where/when he learned to cook tacos (yes, it probably was Mexico, thank you) but he made some and we went over for dinner and games. Dinner was great, and games (game really) were alright…up until I lost. We decided to play poker with his loose change.

To put it frankly, I was dominating for three-fourths of the game. My wife told me I needed to let her win more and that this was the only card game I was good at and didn’t need to take it to the extreme to compensate. Then, on a hand where I had three of a kind, Norton and his wife went all in. I of course called, but little did I notice my wife did as well. The Nortons had nothing, so when I flipped my three of a kind of queens, I started singing celebratory music (The S.W.A.T. theme song. Don’t ask me why, but that music came to mind). I was feeling like king of the world. Then, when my wife flipped her cards, my kingdom crumbled. Full house, (or as she called it, three of a kind and a pair) queens over sevens. I was crushed. I couldn’t recover. I was scared and thrown of my groove. In my last ditch attempt, Norton said he had good vibes and I should go Maverick on the last hand (no look all in). The good vibes he got were apparently for Jocelyn. Three of a kind to my high card. And that was that. It was fun, but everyone seemed to enjoy my downfall more than the rest of the game. Even though I lost, it was still an enjoyable night and finally felt like the weekend. We definitely need to do stuff with them on a more frequent basis.

Now if I could only get 24 fantasy points from the Cowboys defense, I would be in heaven. What does that have to do with this post? Nothing, I wanted to include it since I haven’t blogged about it here.

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