Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Addition to our Family.

So, we have an announcement to make… Some of you may already know, but in case you don’t, here it is. We have a kitten. For all of you thinking I was going to announce we were going to have a kid, you have my permission to storm away from this site. You can also choose to laugh because I got you. So anyways, back to this cat. She’s black, her name is Pepper, and we got her about 2 months ago.

I have never been a cat person. I’ve always liked dogs more, always have, always will; however, Jocelyn is a cat person and has always wanted one. So we compromised and got a cat. Not true. The real story is that the neighborhood strays had 5 kittens and the neighbors upstairs rescued them and were giving them away for free. So we put in a claim for one of the white ones or one of the males... so, naturally, we ended up with a black female.

We weren’t sure what to expect (and we still aren’t) because kittens are crazy. The first night she was really timid and followed Jocelyn everywhere; she slept on a towel, didn’t use her litter box, and meowed a lot. The next day she learned how to use her litter box, how to climb and sleep in our bed, and she still meowed a lot. Fortunately the meowing has gone down, and she’s still a good litter box user. As for the bed – well let’s just say I get woken up routinely to a cat walking across my face. When we first got her, she was around six weeks old and she was tiny.
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She’s a little bigger now, but she’s still spastic. She likes to play with things that move. I don’t know if it’s her desires to pounce, but she likes to attack. One night I couldn’t sleep and neither could she, so I set up a contraption using the fan and a bath robe belt. I’m not sure if she had more fun or if I did, but it definitely was entertaining. Enough to film it actually. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and upload capabilities, I cannot post this video now. But I will eventually.

Even though she is a psycho, we love her and Jocelyn loves to take pictures of her. She was busy showing me all the pictures I could use on this blog, and I’m pretty sure she had between 10-20 pictures. So if you are that interested in seeing them (I wasn’t even that interested and she’s my cat…not to mention I’m in half the pictures) go ahead and talk to Jocelyn. And just for the record, if we were ever going to announce a child or anything like that, it would take a lot longer to hit the web, but better luck next time.

*Disclaimer: I’m not one to blog about my cat. I’m not that kind of guy. But when you need to blog every week for your class and you have to include a video and picture at some point, it makes perfect sense. I’d rather blog about fantasy football personally. Let’s go Mario Manningham and Hakeem Nicks, and whoever my brother plays against Danny Torres.

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  1. Both picture and videos will come later. Stupid Technology