Sunday, October 30, 2011


Writing the beginning to anything is always the hardest part – especially if you don’t want to. For example, I do not want to write this blog because I’m rather upset over accounting and feeling the stress of this week. At the same time, I don’t want to just sit here and complain because who wants to read others complain? We all have our problems, we all just present and handle them differently. Unfortunately for me I am of the “Go big or go home” mindset. For instance, I can either just totally ignore my accounting issues, assume they’ll go away and worry another day…or I can assume this is the end of the world and start looking at other majors. Not to mention trying to figure out the best way solve my problem…but that always includes some sort of extreme situation. Like, get a W in the class, quit my job so I can focus on only accounting, spend all day in the accounting lab studying accounting (yuck), or transfer to a school where they don’t make you apply to the program.

I don’t really do well trying to find the middle ground, mainly because I’m still upset and I figure I’ll sleep it off, and then once I do sleep it off, I no longer care and I worry about it another day. Oh the joys of being so extreme. And I can’t accept any logical advice (just ask my wife) because I’m in one of my extreme modes and don’t feel like talking. I am learning as I type this that I even type roughly and loudly when I’m unhappy. Oh if only I could get a job that wasn’t hard to get or do and made lots of money…hey, I know…I’ll go join the 99% and occupy wall street. They have the same basic goals don’t they…? Assuming they finally have goals.

All shots at the protestors aside, I am feeling much better and almost want to be positive…but only after I listen to “The Grouches Anthem” first. So please hold.

Ah, much better. So anyways, on to some positives of this week. I got to see my dad and brothers at Dixie’s football game (the game wasn’t positive, but seeing family was), I finished xTax, which was rather difficult, but felt good to present (perhaps a blog about xTax later). Also, I will go 3-0 in fantasy football this week, which is a first for me.

Anyways, I’m feeling better now…other than I still have more homework and I feel that my cat will start biting me soon. But if you made it this far, thanks for bearing with the grouch side of me. I’ll try and report something happy next time…and my cat has started the biting… Grr…

Also, does anyone know how to make paragraphs tab in blogger?

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  1. Ah. The mid-semester brick wall. I definitely hit that last week. I'm not going to offer any logical advice or anything but I hope things start to look up for you and that your answer is clear :-) Also, you know that BYU is playing Dixie State in basketball this weekend, right? I am SO PUMPED. Lol. And we should go on a double date soon- like temple and ice cream or something. Tell the wifey hi!