Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So this blog post doesn't really count... I just downloaded the app on my phone and wanted to try it out, plus it counts as doing homework. I love being productive.

Not that a lot of you read my blogs consistently, but I have had 800 vies in my 40 blog posts. With an average of 20 views per post I feel rather special. I'm not trying to sound that cool because that number is probably a lot higher for most of your blogs, but thanks for making me feel important anyways. Also, I'm not trying to post pictures as a way I saying how awesome I look (I took a nap today anyways so there is a lack of awesomeness) but it's because I am experimenting with my I have to for blogging. So now that I can get two birds with one stone, I will. Until a real blog post, peace out.

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