Thursday, November 10, 2011

JoePa, Bear River, and the People's Champ

So this blog is going to be all about football. I realize this isn't my sports blog, but I feel this is more appropriate here than there. So buckle up, this one's a doozy.

First Note: Scandals at PSU

First and foremost, my thoughts go out to those kids and their families. What has happened to them is beyond words. Those kids will be scarred and scared for life more than likely. How will they ever be able to trust anyone again? A sick sick man created a group for at risk youth, and then used that to find vulnerable children for his sick ways. Seeing as how I'm pretty sure he's going to jail, I think he'll find out all about people's sick ways. But back to those kids. I hope they find something (not drug/alcohol or self-harming related) to get over this. I invite you to read about Sheldon Kennedy, former NHL player who was molested by his coach as a child. I can't find the article, but he puts these kid's hell into words that I can't. The chances of any of them reading this are slim, but if there is that small chance, know that you did nothing wrong. Don't blame yourself and please find a way to be healed. The majority of people are not like this scumbag. Don't blame yourself or do anything rash to find a quick fix.

Now that I have mentioned this most important part, I feel like I can move on to the part about Joe Paterno. I understand why the university felt like he had to go, but they handled it so poorly. The man did so much for that school for so long, that they could have showed him some respect when they let him go. But over the phone? Really? You don't even break up with a girlfriend that you are sick of over the phone. Show some class. While I am not a Penn St. fan, it does sadden me to see Joe go, but I'm not sure the university had any other choice. Either way, the game this weekend wouldn't have been the same, and who knows how bad the PR would have been to keep Joe. I understand that legally, Joe did his part, and I respect that. I agree he should have done more, but McQueary is in the same boat, yet still has a job. That is called hypocrisy. I wish Joe would have done more, and it's unfortunate that the system failed him, but I'm glad there are no charges against him.

Moving on to something less serious.

5 years ago to the day (well the day that I started this blog, not when it was published) marks the day that I last put on shoulder pads and played high school football. That game was the end to a great time in life that was turned sour by politics and all sorts of bull. I love my teammates and coaches, but there were some issues there that shouldn't have happened -- as you can see I might still be a little bitter, but I'll avoid the specifics. I think it's safe to say that was the saddest day of my life. When I left on my mission, I knew I'd see my family again. When my grandma passed away, I knew that temple sealings, the Atonement and the Plan of Salvation would take care of that (and will take care of any future family members that hopefully have lots of years ahead of them). I knew the NFL lockout wouldn't last forever. Ok so that last one really wasn't that sad of a day. But I knew that once I took those pads off after the game, I would never get the chance to put them back on. It was one of the toughest things I did, simply because I put in so much time, energy, and devotion into football. It was (and still is) a big part of who I was/am.

There are few people/groups in this world I will not forgive (mostly due to sports). In no specific order, here is that list:

Michael Jordan - You know you pushed off.
Brett Favre's Packers - DIE! (I do like the A Rog Packers though)
The Aikman's Cowboys - See above. Part of the reason I hate both teams is because they torched the 49ers when I was a kid, and they were my favorite team.
Bill Buckner - Bruce Hurst, a local St. George guy could have been world series MVP...MVP dangit!!!
Bear River - please see above paragraph about football.
Whoever tackled Kevin Dyson 1 yard short of winning the Superbowl for the Titan's.
Alex Smith/Urban Meyer - I hate them, but I love me some Tebow/Meyer.
James Lark/Pine View - 42-0...enough said.
Pine View Basketball - We were better than you my senior year...lucky.
The Yankee's - Evil Empire
Dolores Umbridge - May not be real, but I hate her anyways...

So that's my you see, Bear River makes it. I will probably never get over it, and every 9th of November, I'm sure Jocelyn will hear about it and will eventually tell me to shut up. Good thing my birthday is the 10th of November (hint hint)... that way I can tell her she has to be nice to me and let me complain as a birthday present. Having to live on the same floor as Garland Munns at the MTC was painful...and then James Lark was on the floor above. Truth be told, I don't hate all these people (except umbridge, the only fictional character), I just hate what they and their teams have done to me.

Flag Football

Well this one is more recent. We played tonight. We had a close game, but thanks to some key plays by everybody, we won 21-14. Lindon gets the MVP award two games in a row now. He's our Mr. Clutch. It was a very close game and we were even down at one point. Even though the refs didn't want to help us out, we still got the win. Not that I like to hate on refs after being one, but that game was a joke. To the kid who was wearing the white shirt on the other team that kept flopping and looked like he was going to cry after losing - Man up. This is football, not futbol. No flopping allowed in a man's game. And if you ever want to get in Ben's face again (when not on the field and in a position to get a yellow card) I will be right behind him ready to back him up. Also, I'm not sure how Ben got a PI called on him where he had position and the defender had to run towards him to break up the play. Also, I'm mad that it took away a miracle of a touchdown throw from me. Come on guys, that will never happen again...ever. The exciting thing is we won and we live for another game.

Well that's it for football, if you made it this far, you are a trooper, or bored...or in class and are mega bored. Have a great day, and feel free to wish me a happy birthday. You know you want to. This should be the only birthday self promotion I make, maybe I'll try and get a few RT's on twitter, but still.

In honor of the TMR, my favorite fantasy football writer, I will begin to conclude my blog like he does. Skyler Aitken would also like to add the heat to his list of hate. Not the Miami Heat, he loves those guys, but the heat from the sun. Cold is more his thing. He is the author of this blog and enjoys writing strange things from time to time at very late hours, so please forgive all typos and grammatical errors. Not that you have twitter, but if you do you can follow him... @SkylerAitken

In honor of club trillion, I would like to finally conclude by saying:
Proud to be an American, but even prouder to be a Flyer and a People's Champ (flag football team name).

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