Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fantasy Football Playoff Projections

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This is how the fantasy playoffs are shaping up. By the time you read this you will be able to see what the current rankings are. I’m basing my information on what the rankings should be, but it is very possible I made a type on a few points, but overall, this should be pretty accurate. Now on to the playoff implications


Geoff, Tyler, and Trevor. It looks like we’ll be having a new champion and new second place as well. With 4 losses each and 7 other teams with 6+ wins, they can’t catch up with only one game to play. But guess what, there is a consolation bracket, so it’s not a battle of suck for luck…or Peterson, or whoever will be the #1 pick next year.


Rob, Jordan, and Kyle. After this week Rob took the first seed from Jordan. Rob has a huge point advantage, so Jordan can only claim it back with a win and a Rob loss. However, if Jordan loses and Kyle wins, he could lose his first round bye. Either way, all 3 are in…I’ll mention seeding more later.

Probably In
Ren, Matt and Skyler. Ren and Matt are both the point leaders of all the 6 win teams and Skyler is leading his division. They aren’t all locks, but they still control their own destiny…as much as you can control fantasy football that is.

Need Help

Brady, Chad and Konner. They need to win their games, have others lose their games, and outscore different opponents to get in. I’ll go through all of those scenarios here in a moment.


Excluding the 3 who are out, here are the possible situations for playoff seeds and even making the playoffs.

Rob – Is in 1st and can finish no worse than 2nd. He has a first round bye locked up again.

Jordan – Can finish 1st with a win and a Rob loss, or can finish 1st with other strange scenarios that involve him outscoring Rob by 260 points. We won’t go there. He can finish 3rd in the power rankings and 4th overall (see Kyle). He can do no worse than 4th.

Kyle – Can finish 1st with a far out scenario: not realistic. He can finish 2nd with a win and a Jordan loss (as long as Jordan doesn’t outscore him by 100). If he loses, he will get 3rd overall, but 4th in the seeding because the North division will claim the #3 seed.

Skyler – Will win his division if he beats Brady and will claim the 3 seed (see chad and brady to see what happens if he loses).

Matt – Is in with a win. Points shouldn’t be an issue. He will claim the 5th seed.

Ren – In with a win, he will claim the 6th seed.

Chad – Needs to win, needs Brady to beat Skyler, and he needs to outscore Brady by 43 and outscore Skyler by 100.

Brady – Can get into the playoffs if he beats Skyler by 56 points and as long as chad doesn’t outscore him by 43.

Konner – gets in with a win and a loss by Matt or Ren. He would claim the 5th seed if they both lost, and Matt would get the 6th, or he can claim the 6th if one wins and the other loses.

These are the most realistic scenarios I could see. For example Chad and Brady could both make the playoffs with huge games, but they are so huge it's not realistic. Feel free to add any realistic scenarios you see.

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