Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Final Four

The rest of the Final Four of the NCAA tournament will be set tomorrow (Louisville and Ohio St. are already there. UK(Kentucky)/Baylor and UNC/KU(Kansas) are the last games.), but the final four of our pool has basically been decided. They are TJ, Chad, Jordan, and me and here are the scores as of right now.

TJ Morrison 0 23 22 18 4 67
Skyler Aitken 3 23 22 15 4 67
Chad Alldredge 0 20 20 18 8 66
Nick Barnum 1 21 20 18 0 60
Jordan Gray 0 23 18 15 4 60
Kyle Pierce 3 22 20 12 0 57
Trevor Irvine 0 19 22 12 0 53
Rob Miguel 0 19 14 15 4 52
Jocelyn Aitken 4 20 10 9 4 47
Tommy Leavitt 0 18 16 12 0 46
Jessica&Brady McArthur 1 19 14 9 0 43
Brandon Griffeth 3 17 12 9 0 41

NOTE: This is all done by eye, I haven't sat through each bracket and compared and made formulas. This is just a quick glance and some (probably flawed) logical thinking on my part. Something could happen that I didn't notice. Moving on.

Right now, TJ has the inside track, and is the favorite to win. Almost anyone who picked Kentucky to win can't pass TJ. They aren't close enough to make up the points, or their bracket isn't different enough from here on out. Chad is the only one who has Kentucky winning that can pass TJ. That will be decided tomorrow during the KU/UNC game. If UNC wins, Chad will pass TJ, and TJ will only catch up if OSU beat UNC in the final four...if KU loses Jordan and I are done.

The only way I can pass TJ is if my bracket goes perfectly. I have Baylor tomorrow over UK. If that happens, I will get 4 points, while almost everyone else loses their championship team. Then I will need KU to beat UNC, and then beat OSU. I'm not sure about this, but if all of that happens, I will want Baylor or Louisville to win it all, because if KU wins it all, Jordan gets 7 points that no one else will. However, I'm pretty sure with the 4 points from Baylor, he wont be able to catch me.

If Jordan's bracket goes perfectly, he can win(well as long as Kentucky doesn't lose to Baylor). As soon as Kansas loses he is done...except if Baylor beats UK and KU still wins it all and I build up a big enough lead.

So there you go. TJ has the largest room for error, followed by Chad and then Jordan and me. There is still a chance I made an error, and someone else has a chance, but I don't believe it could happen. But you can always hope right? Good luck to everyone...and because this is my blog, and I can cheer for me, let's go Baylor and Kansas!

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