Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 5: The week that could have been

Oh what a week what a week.  If the Seahawks defense wasn't terrrible very bad from a fantasy perspective (the Bengals DST was terrible, just ask Brady) I could have had a 2 game lead on everyone in the league.  If Lynch and Wilson hadn't gone nuts tonight, I would have had a 3 game lead in division, which would have been a nice cushion.  But alas, I am not to run away with it in the regular season -- just like BYU.  I'm sure my time will come, but hopefully I at least get a first round bye.  Anyway, a quick recap of the games.

The game of the week featured Trevor and me -- 2 reasons why it was the game of the week, 1) I write this, so I pick, and 2) the #1 and #3 team played each other.  I won, but there was some luck involved.  I was only the number 5 scorer, but Trevor was number 11.  Much less painful scenario than Jordan (#3 scorer) who lost to Chad (#1) or Geoff (#4) who lost to Ren (#2).  Geoff and Ren had the closest game of the week, barely beating KoKo and Brady by about .36 in difference.

Geoff almost had the upset of the week, but instead that went to Rob for thrashing Tyler.  Tyler was ranked 4th, and Rob was ranked 10th.  The comeback game of the week went to Chad, who waited until the 4th quarter to take the lead against Jordan.  I said Chad waited because I like to believe we all have some sort of control over our fantasy teams and that it's not all luck.  The what the heck game went to Brady and Konner.  I get that there can be negative points from players, but a defense ending with negative 7 is just cruel.  Maybe we should reconsider defensive scoring rules in the offseason.  I mean, for a QB to get negative 7, he would have to 1 point from rushing/throwing and negative 8 from turnovers.  As much as Tony Romo probably hopes to do that (especially in the 4th quarter), I don't think even he is capable of that kind of output.  Anyway, if Brady started no DST, he would have won.  Had Brady the win locked up before starting his DST, I would have been ok with him sitting the Bengals to be safe, but because Konner had a kicker going that night, it makes sense.

**Official Ruling:  If you are beating your opponent, his 9 players have finished, you only have your DST left, and you are winning by 8 points or less, you can sit your DST and you will hear no complaints from me.  DST's can get no less than negative 8, so that's why I said 8 points or less.**

It's too late to figure out the middle of the standings after 2 because so much of it comes down to points, and it's late and I need sleep.  So a quick view to next week...and I have no idea what will be important matchups because I don't know the standings.  I will edit this tomorrow morning and give some thoughts.

Bragging time

Weekly Record: 3-1  (some serious luck in 2 leagues)
Year to Date: 15-5 (I'm waiting for a serious meltdown and regression)

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