Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 8: A Day Early Look at the League

So I am taking a break from my take home midterm to bring you all a bonus fantasy football coverage.  And by bonus, I mean a day early – I doubt I do one tomorrow.  So 5 of the 6 games are basically decided.  I will apologize to Chad if I somehow jinx his game, but I don’t think Tyler’s DST will score 33 points to beat Chad.  I mean I think he only pulls that crap out against Chad during the championship game once we have all given Chad the win.  Anyway, moving on to what happened this week, and what it could all mean. 

Geoff and Brady finally get their 2nd wins, and they do it by being the two highest scorers this week.  Also, both go to the U, who beat USC last night, so they are riding a good football wave.  You know who else went to the U? Tyler.  You know who loves USC? Chad?  Yup, Tyler is coming back and getting that win over Chad (This is a small attempt at a Bill Simmons reverse jinx strategy, because I wan the playoff race to be close).  So if I beat Matt, Geoff and Brady jump 1 spot each.  If I lose, they stay in the bottom two spots.  Right now I’m projected to win by 4, which basically means nothing.  If each players gets their average, I will win by about 5.  So i don't know what to think.  If Matt wins, he would likely pass Kyle, and he would need to go crazy on the scoring to pass Rob.  If I win, Matt drops to last, Brady and Geoff jump up a spot, and they would be a game behind Kyle and Rob, but would be ahead of them based on points.

The next 4 are Tyler (assuming he loses), Trevor, Jordan, and Konner, unless Jordan’s kicker scores something like 33 points. Those are all of those in the 4-4 group.  Chad would be at 5-3, Ren would be at 7-1, and I would be at 8-0.  That would mean next week we would have some interesting matchups. 

In week 9 we would see the battle for last place between Geoff and Matt as they go head to head. Konner would take on Trevor to see who would get to win number 5.  Chad will play Kyle, which would be a big game for Brady and Geoff (if Kyle loses), as would me versus Rob (if Rob loses).  If Kyle and Rob lose next week, and Brady and Geoff both win, that would put them to 8th and 9th, and would be a game behind the loser of Konner and Trevor, a game behind Tyler (assuming he loses this week, and on the condition Brady beats him next week) and a game behind Jordan (because Jordan plays Ren, and the only way you seem to be able to beat Ren is if Peyton is on a bye).

In week 10 (last week before we go back to division games) Geoff will play Jordan, which if Geoff won could pull him even with Jordan, Rob will play Brady, and Brady would pull even with Jordan if he beats Rob.  Ren will likely beat Tyler, so that would put Tyler on the same level as the Jordan, Geoff, and Brady, and that would be a crazy battle for at least the 6th seed, if not the 5th depending on what happens with Trevor and Konner the next two weeks.  The point of all this is that the next two weeks could be crazy…but you never know with fantasy.

I loved that my game was done last week before Sunday Night Football even happened.  I suppose the karma is coming back around and Matt and I each have two players going tomorrow night.  Looking at this from a not that educated, but still knowing enough about football perspective, the Cowboys will likely have a lead (good for Murray, bad for Bryant) and want to kill the clock, and the Redskins will need to throw (good for Garcon and Reed) to stay in the game, which could be good for the Cowboys DST to force some turnovers with points (which would get Tyler his miraculous win).  It’s more entertaining over the next two weeks if Tyler and Matt lose this week, so I think we should all be cheering for that.

Anyway, there is my early/bonus coverage of the week.  I will now be going back to my midterm.  Also, I am ashamed of my actions in my Western Woods league.  I left a guy in who was ruled out this morning.  I’m not sure I’ve ever done that before.  It felt horrible, and dirty.  I wouldn’t likely win either way looking at it now, but still.  I hate that it happened.  Also, I could go 1-3 this week if I don’t beat Matt, or get some luck against Tommy in another league.  Not a good week for me.

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